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Content Tutoring


Content tutoring sessions support students as they strive to form deep and meaningful connections with course material. Each course presents unique learning goals and the material that students are asked to process, memorize, understand, apply, or analyze in order to maximize their learning and achieve excellence in their studies. 

Content tutoring sessions look different based on the uniqueness of each course and each student, although there are many common examples. Tutors and students, partnered together, may do any of the following or more: 

  • Create a study guide in advance of an exam by using course materials like lecture slides, notes taken in class, and textbooks

  • Review course materials in preparation for approaching and understanding scenarios or complex math problems assigned on a week-to-week basis

  • Discuss and elaborate on the intellectual and personal connections between ideas in the course, their own lives, and current events in society

  • Discuss how to approach learning and studying in a course and how to upgrade learning and study strategies with more effective ones

While every session is different, content tutoring sessions can benefit any and all students at Endicott College. Since our mission is to inspire and encourage learning and metacognitive development across the curriculum, content tutors do not provide answers or complete assignments for students. 

For the opportunity to learn with your peers in an informal community setting, see our community learning spaces opportunity.