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Internships and Careers

Internship Program

Your career journey begins on day one.

You will take an internship class your first semester focused on career preparation, professional skill building, and industry research. You will also have a chance to complete an internship your freshman year to gain experience and insight into working in your field.

student and professor working on a research project

Internships and Careers at a Glance

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100% Endicott students are required to do three internships and a senior thesis
99% Students in Endicott's class of 2016 are employed or attending graduate school
53% Endicott graduates land positions through internship sites or contacts

Services and Resources

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Career Advising

As you begin shaping your career plan, we are here to help you assess your values, interests, and skills to make informed decisions about your future.


Students and alumni have exclusive access to thousands of jobs and internships through our premier job search tool, ECLaunch.

Gull2Gull Mentoring Program

Get ahead by getting a mentor! Our alumni mentors impart professional knowledge and guidance for students embarking on careers.

Jamie Zompa ’17

Balancing activities, academics, and career preparation

Jamie Zompa ’17
Jamie Zompa '17
"Endicott’s internship program helped me discover my passion for accounting, and it enabled me to have a full-time job lined up with KPMG before even completing my junior year."
As an intern at KPMG, a Boston accounting firm, Jamie gained professional experience and even landed a job offer before completing her junior year of college.
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Daniel Zabbo '18 at his internship site The Gold Group
The Gold Group

Applying experience to any industry

Daniel Zabbo '18 at his internship site The Gold Group
Daniel Zabbo '18
Sport Management
"It taught me that marketing is something that I definitely want to get into in the future because there are so many aspects to it."
Daniel Zabbo, a sport management major, wasn’t married to an internship that was solely sports related. Instead, he chose one with a marketing focus. He decided to intern with The Gold Group, an all-purpose marketing firm that markets ticketed events and handles promotion, advertising, and event management.
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Mariana Pabon works at her internship site The Gold Group
The Gold Group

Seeing sports through a business lens

Mariana Pabon works at her internship site The Gold Group
Mariana Pabon '18
Sport Management
"At the end of the day it’s all about putting on a show,” she says, “The same base knowledge will prepare you for entertainment and sports as well."
Sports management major, Mariana Pabon, did her freshman year internship with a division I college, working in the sports world. She recalls watching a game and thinking to herself, “This is more a production than it is a game.” She says that sports are really entertainment more than anything else.
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Bird's Eye View: Internships
Our Bird's Eye View student video series talks with students about their internship experience.

Connect with the Internship and Career Center

We are committed to fostering professional opportunities for our students – both past and present. If you are interested in partnering with Endicott for a job or internship opportunity or engaging in on-campus career programming, or if you're an alumna/us seeking resources offered at the center, please get in touch.

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