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The College Communications Office and the Public Safety Department work collaboratively to keep our campus community informed of unexpected closures or emergencies. Find out how to receive updates from the College during unforeseen circumstances.

EC Alerts

EC Alerts is our text-based mass notification system. Registering for alerts is required for all members of the campus community. Students can add parents and family members to their accounts so they can receive notifications as well.

In the event of a campus emergency or school closing due to inclement weather, an alert is sent to registered users of the alert system via SMS (text) or email. Alerts are also broadcast across campus on digital signage, through desktop alerts in classrooms and Faculty and Staff offices, on the College website, and via social media. 

To sign up, you must authenticate using your Endicott email and password


This service is limited to the Endicott College Community.

Social Media Updates

During an emergency or weather-related delay or closing, the College posts updates to Endicott's main Twitter ( and Facebook ( pages. Updates are also shared through our Public Safety Department’s Facebook page  (


Endicott uses campus email to alert and update students, faculty, administrators, and staff during an emergency or weather-related delays or closings. Parents receive emails for all non-weather related emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about EC Alerts? Please email your questions to
  • Q. Do I have to register for EC Alerts every year?

    No, you do not.  When you create an account, the system activates your account for four years.  30 days before your account is set to expire, EC Alerts will send you an automated text reminding you to renew your account.  You can always deactivate your account at any time even if you renew it.  

  • Q. Will I still receive EC Alerts after I have left Endicott?
    Your account will remain active for four years from the date you created your account, or until you log in and choose to delete your account.
  • Q. How do I receive alerts if I am a parent or guardian?
    Students have the ability to add their parent or guardian’s information to their account as well so they can also receive the alert notifications.  Parents or guardians who do not wish to be added to their student’s account can also receive EC Alerts notifications by “liking” and “following” Endicott College’s Facebook page ( or the Public Safety Department’s page ( or by following Endicott’s main Twitter feed (
  • Q. How will I receive alerts if I get a new phone number or email address?
    If you get a new phone number or email address, you will need to log into your account and update your contact information.  When adding cell phone numbers or e-mail addresses to your account, there will be a validation process to ensure that the information was entered correctly and that the phone numbers or e-mail addresses have the ability to receive EC Alert messages.