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Admission Criteria

We want to know you as an individual.

As the Admission Committee evaluates applications, the whole applicant is considered. We believe the high school transcript is the best predictor of a student’s academic success at Endicott, however we do take into consideration many other factors such as test scores, extracurricular activities, leadership positions, or other unique learning opportunities. The information below should give prospective applicants a general idea of how their profile will fit with other applicants to the College.

First-Year Applicants

Admitted Student Profile: Fall 2023
5,550 Applications
875 First-Year students

3.71* Avg GPA
3.35–4.08 Middle 50% GPA
*GPAs are recalculated using a weighted 4.0 scale.

1200–1320 Middle 50% SAT
1260 Average SAT

Test Optional Admission Policy

Submission of the SAT or ACT scores is optional for all programs.

The Office of Admission will consider transfer applications. In addition to the student’s high school transcript, it is recommended that they have a 3.0 GPA in college coursework to be considered for transfer admission.

Recommended Curriculum for Admission

The recommendations listed below ensure an applicant is prepared for the academic rigor of the Endicott curriculum. All applicants will be considered regardless of coursework, as these are only recommendations (not requirements) for admission.

4 units of English
3 units of Math (2 units of Algebra, 1 unit of Geometry or equivalent higher-level math course)
3 units of Science
3 units of Social Science
2 units of Foreign Language

Program-specific Recommendations

5 units of high school Math (2 units of Algebra, 1 unit of Pre-Calculus, 1 unit of Calculus, 1 unit of Geometry)—students may take college courses the summer prior to entry to meet these recommendations
Physics with a Lab
Chemistry with a Lab
Biology with a Lab

A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for admission consideration. In addition, applicants must receive a C or better in all high school science courses.

Admitted Nursing Student Profile: Fall 2023
840 Applications
135 First-Year Nursing students

3.85–4.28 Middle 50% GPA
4.07 GPA Average

1210–1340 Middle 50% SAT
1255 SAT Average


What do you look for in applicants? 

There are many facets of your application that are important to the Admission Committee and while the academic credentials will carry the most weight throughout the process, we are looking for students who will be outstanding citizens of the Endicott community. Your potential for contributing to our community will be assessed by your involvement within your secondary school and your community, so it is important to highlight your extra-curricular accomplishments within your application. Should Endicott clearly be your first choice college, we suggest you notify us of this at some point within the admission process (i.e. campus visits, essay, letters or emails).

We welcome applications without regard to race, religion, color, disability, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, political belief, or prior military status. We give additional consideration for admission to applicants who possess unusual strengths or accomplishments. Endicott demonstrates a commitment to enrolling students from a wide geographic range as well as from all ethnic and racial heritages.

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