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There is something special about our College. Our alumni continue to demonstrate that the lessons learned at Endicott are truly timeless. As loyal alumni, you will help write the next chapter in Endicott’s history and drive your alma mater to even higher levels of achievement.

Upcoming Alumni Events: Highlights

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Dr. Wylie Memorial Service

October 19 - Return to campus for a celebration of life and legacy for Dr. Richard E. Wylie.

Shipyard Brewery Tasting

October 30 - Join us in Portland, ME for a private tasting reception at Shipyard Brewery!

La Chanterelle

November 1 - You're invited to an elegant dinner at Endicott's own oceanside restaurant.

lobster bake lunch with alumni at misselwood

Save the Date

Reunion Weekend: June 7-9, 2019

A not-to-be-missed opportunity to reconnect with treasured friends, relive your days on campus, and reminisce about College life.

Get Involved

There are so many ways to stay connected to the Endicott family after graduation. We hope you'll keep in touch!

group of people helping in community