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Centers and Institutes

Our distinguished centers and institutes are focused on furthering discourse on important subjects and enhancing lives - not just in our Endicott community, but well beyond. We invite you to explore Research at Endicott to learn about the research designed to inform educational policy and leaders at all levels.

Angle Center for Entrepreneurship

Promotes a culture of entrepreneurship through education, programming, networking, experiential learning, and mentoring

Center for Oral History

Promotes and facilitates the collection, preservation, and analysis of interview-based research and related audio projects

Tadler Center for the Humanities

The Center promotes humanities research and teaching, bridging knowledge, creativity, and action.

Center for Diagrammatic Computational Philosophy

Teaching and fostering research in diagrammatic and computational philosophy.

Endicott Institute for Applied Behavioral Science

An academic, research, and networking body focused on the study of the applied behavior analysis.