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Division of Academic Success

Brittany Potter

A Message from Dr. Brittany Potter

Welcome to the Division of Academic Success,

Here, in the Division of Academic Success, we are committed to providing care, partnership and empowerment while Endicott students engage in their college experiences. We are energized when working with each student, and appreciate working alongside them as they develop advocacy, communication, organizational, and resilience skills. 


The Division of Academic Success provides a variety of academic support opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students at Endicott College. We employ many student employees and professional staff members to offer a collection of services and programs designed to help all Endicott students be academically successful. We aim to provide ways to learn in community as well as receive impactful and individualized academic support. 


The Division of Academic Success offers accessible services including peer and professional content and writing tutoring, academic coaching, advising and assistance for students with documented disabilities. The Division’s support offerings are designed to provide each student with personalized, meaningful, and connection-focused learning experiences that are grounded in a strengths-based philosophy. We align our services to meet the academic needs identified by both students and faculty to ensure that our students thrive both in and out of the classroom. In addition to our traditional services, the Division offers academic skill-building workshops, learning communities, and social events to foster genuine peer to peer connections through deep learning and enrichment opportunities.



Dr. Brittany Potter 

Associate Dean, Center for Teaching & Learning

Centers and Support Services

Located in the Diane M. Halle Library on the second floor and open Monday–Friday 8 a.m–6 p.m.
  • Advising Services Center

    In addition to a faculty advisor, all students have access to the Advising Services Center, which serves as an additional resource in the advising process.

    Advising Services Center

  • Center for Academic Coaching

    Academic coaches work with students to convert academic tasks into action stages. Students gain universal learning skills that they can apply to all of their classes whenever needed.

    Academic Coaching

  • Center for Accessibility Services

    Endicott College seeks to provide a supportive environment for students, staff, and faculty, and is committed to providing equal access to educational programs and services.

    Center for Accessibility Services

  • Center for Student Success & Retention

    If you are thinking of transferring, taking a leave of absence, or leaving the College for any reason, please come to the Center for Student Success & Retention.

    Center for Student Success & Retention

  • Tutoring & Writing Center

    Develop quality study skills, master course content, and enhance your writing skills while reaping the benefits of an individualized learning experience.

    Tutoring & Writing Center

  • Opportunities to Learn in Community

    The Division of Academic Success offers programming throughout the year to support students in their academic pursuits. From note-taking strategies to figuring out course schedules, there is an event or workshop for everyone.

    Student Workshops

Helping Gulls Achieve Greatness

Service and dedication to students leads to academic and life success.

39 Professional staff are employed by the Division of Academic Success in 2023
288 Students employed by the Division of Academic Success in 2023
1,916 Undergraduate students used at least one service in 2023