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About the Tutoring & Writing Center

Throughout the academic year all Endicott students - undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students - take advantage of the Tutoring & Writing Center and our opportunities to learn in community. All services are completely free to Endicott students. 

Our mission is to inspire and encourage learning across the curriculum. Through our highly conversational and individualized sessions, tutors help students gain confidence, agency, and skill, ultimately becoming better learners, writers, and thinkers. To do this, our tutors seek to get to know the learners we work with, promote autonomy and ownership when facilitating sessions, and co-create an environment where openness, respect, and curiosity flourish.

In the Tutoring & Writing Center, we offer both content and writing tutoring to students. For both content and writing tutoring, we also offer community learning space where students can come together and work, think, and learn in community.

Schedule a Tutoring session

Tutoring sessions are available to all Endicott students in person and remotely. Our physical location is in Halle Library Room 204. Remote sessions take place via Google Meet or Zoom. The best way to secure a tutoring session is to book it through our online scheduling system. Please note that, for students, your username is the first six digits of your student ID#. Your password will be the same as your password for MyEndicott. If you have any difficulty scheduling an appointment, please call 978-998-7735 or email

To make the most of sessions, come prepared with a goal or focus for the sessions and the course materials or resources you need.

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Frequently asked questions about the Tutoring & Writing Center

  • What are your hours of operation?
    We are open on Sundays from 5–9 p.m., Mondays through Thursdays from 10 a.m.–9 p.m., and Fridays from 10 a.m.–2 p.m. All times listed on TutorTrac are Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  • What can I expect from tutoring sessions?
    You can read more about individual content tutoring here and writing tutoring here. While every tutoring session is unique and personalized, all sessions are facilitated with the common goal of helping you grow in your learning and pursuit of excellence.
  • Is there a tutor for every course?
    We do our best to provide coverage for all courses while at the same time providing a greater amount of support for introductory and historically challenging courses. We can’t guarantee that there will be a tutor for every course, but all students can reach out to to ask if one is available.
  • How many sessions can I attend per week?
    Students are able to schedule and attend five sessions per week with the Tutoring & Writing Center. This includes weekly and one-off sessions; however, students cannot book more than three sessions for the same course or with the same tutor per week. 
  • How is tutoring different from academic coaching?

    Both Centers value the importance of social and intellectual connections in promoting learning and growth. The Tutoring & Writing Center differs in two primary ways. First, our support is specific to academic subjects and to elements of the writing process. In other words, students use the Tutoring & Writing Center for their learning and pursuit of excellence in a particular course.Academic coaching is more generalized and therefore focused more on time management, self-awareness building, motivation, and communication. Second, the Tutoring and Writing Center does not match students with particular tutors in the same way the Center for Academic Coaching matches students with specific academic coaches. We may help students learn about our team of tutors based on who’s available, and we may help students secure a session.

  • Will going to the Tutoring and Writing Center improve my grade as a student?
    All of our services are designed to inspire and encourage your learning as a student. Connecting with our team helps you build confidence and skills that can certainly aid you in your efforts to achieve excellent and improved grades. However, we can’t guarantee that your grades will increase.
  • Can the Tutoring and Writing Center fix my paper?
    All of our services are designed to inspire and encourage your learning as a student. Our peer and professional writing tutors help you grow as writers. While we don’t fix your paper for you, we will aid you in learning and strengthening critical understanding of and skills related to revision and editing to aid you in your efforts to write with excellence.
  • Is the Tutoring & Writing Center available to graduate students?
    Yes! We have professional tutors available to graduate and doctoral students at Endicott. Many sessions take place remotely via Zoom or Google Meet to provide flexibility to working adults with busy schedules.
  • Will my professor know if I use the Tutoring & Writing Center?
    Yes, professors are notified of your attendance. All tutors complete a visit record indicating that you came to the session; they also provide a brief note about the area of focus for the session.
  • The Tutoring & Writing Center space is really nice. Can I work or study there without having a tutoring session?
    Unfortunately, due to the volume of support we provide to the entire community, only students with tutoring sessions occurring can work in the space. We’d love a larger space to encourage this since we understood the value of learning in community and connecting with peers on an intellectual and personal level, and we’d like to explore alternative pathways to this in the future.
  • I’m interested in becoming a peer tutor. What do I need to do to apply?
    You may use this link to apply. You can also visit our About the Tutors page for more information.
  • Who should I contact if I’m having trouble scheduling a tutoring session or have any question not listed here?
    All students are encouraged to email to start. Our ASC leaders can help you, and if not, they’ll direct you to someone who can.