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Peer Tutors 

All of our peer tutors are certified by the College Reading and Learning Association. Peer tutors begin as CRLA Level I certified tutors, and they can also pursue higher certification levels as Advanced Tutors (II) and Master Tutors (III) with ongoing professional development, hours of service, and projects completed for the Center. We take great pride in the character and abilities of our tutors.


 To become a peer tutor, students must complete our application, following the instructions provided. We begin hiring for each next semester (fall and spring) far in advance, so interested students should apply and request faculty recommendations during the semester before. 


Professional Tutors

Endicott offers a unique service compared to other colleges and universities with its professional tutor team. Our professional content and writing tutors are highly experienced writers, scholars, teachers, and business professionals. 

Interested in becoming a certified peer tutor?

New tutors are hired based on an application and interview process which occurs around fall or spring break, respectively. Tutors are hired in accordance with the demands of the Tutoring & Writing Center.