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Certified Peer Tutors

The Endicott College Tutoring & Writing Center employs around 80 peer tutors each semester. These tutors come from a variety of majors and are representative of the academic schools at Endicott. All of our tutors have a GPA of 3.2 or above, and have earned at least a B in the courses for which they tutor. Content tutors are encouraged to provide tutoring for any course in which they have met these requirements, even if the course is outside of the tutor’s major. Writing tutors receive additional training on writing related topics such as hypothesis creation and citation styles. In addition, tutors are trained and certified following the guidelines of the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

Professional Tutors

The Endicott College Tutoring & Writing Center employs professional tutors in addition to peer tutors. These professionals come from a variety of academic disciplines and fields of writing, and have excellent credentials within their fields.

Interested in becoming a certified peer tutor?

New tutors are hired based on an application and interview process which occurs around fall or spring break, respectively. Tutors are hired in accordance with the demands of the Tutoring & Writing Center.