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Alumni Council


2021–22 General Alumni Council

Serving in an advisory capacity, the Alumni Council helps to enhance the mission of the College and motivate fellow alumni to engage with the College. This Council helps influence institutional direction and policy by providing insight and important perspective on key issues. The members of this Council represents our body of alumni at large and represent a wide variety of class years, backgrounds, and degrees. 

Interested in becoming a member of the Alumni Council? We are now accepting applications!
Submit your application by Friday, August 26, 2022.

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Executive Committee Members:

President: Susan DiMartino Dowling '72

Vice President: Jeff Scola '10

Secretary: Candace-Giselle Thomas '12

Treasurer: Kerry Taylor MacDonald '10

Chair, Events & Programming Committee: Katie Leighton Gauger '09

Chair, Career & Internship Committee: Lauren Todd Harrington '12, M'14

Chair, Recruitment & Retention Committee: Tina Zarella '01


Council Members:

JJ Alberts M'17

Mike Angoff '09 M'10

Gail Riordan Ashley '80

Lisa Bacchiochi Auer '73

Paige Bauer Barrett '78

Darlene Casella '64–'66

Christina Chow '17, '18

Susan Madore Clark '77

Jennifer Clifford '06

Charmie Curry D '17

Annette Davidson '90

Lucas Donohue '14–'17

Christopher Horack '18

James (Jim) Kallinich '10

Lisa Leger M'18

Jill Lynch Levin '91, '11

Jordan Lewis '14

Buffie Mueller McMullen '58

Linda Steeves Milley '74

Madison Missinne '14

Erin Neuhardt '06, '13

Margaret (Peggy) Sansiveri Palmer '82

Sherri Patton Raftery '04

Tina Spence '72

Karaline Marie Stark '11

Cheryl Vickery '79

Meg Steele Wingerath '73

Mary Anne Wood '62

Renee Tonkovic Wooster '98

Katie Yeaton-Hromada '15

Andrew Zani '08–'14

2021–22 GOLD Leadership Council

The GOLD Leadership Council is comprised of alumni who graduated in the last decade (2012–2021) who are interested in serving in a leadership role to help identify how to best serve and engage this target demographic. 

If you are interested in applying for the Council or if you would like to learn more about position responsibilities please contact us

Council Members:

Robert Ackerman '20 

Yveline Amazan '17

Chase Andrews '20 

Nick Angelo '19

Steven Ashley '18 

Lauren Gilligan Battcock '11

Megan Bennett '18 

Alura Carbrey '17 

Brendan Carpenter '20

Tom Cundari '16

Katherine Dion '13

John Fortes '17 

Ciara Johnson M'16  

Alyssa Laurenza '15 

Matt Leighton '18 

Samantha Lott '17

Rachel Lustenring '19 

Jonathan Luszcz '12 

James Medici '17

Abbey Murphy '16 

Jessica O'Regan '14

Bryanne Pepin '12

Nathan Phillips '17 

Kjirsten Seiler '14 

Heather Smiles '14 

Lizetta Solarik '14

Rachid Sow '20 

Candace-Giselle Thomas '12 

Kelcey Trecartin '14 

Ashley Walenta '14  

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