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International Education

"Studying at Les Roches allowed me to discover the opportunities of an international career and introduced me to the world. The possibilities are endless."
Megan Nugent, '18
B.S. in International Business; on her experience at Les Roches School of Hospitality Management in Bluche, Switzerland

International education encompasses much more than traveling and studying in a different country. Whether you're an international student pursuing your education at Endicott or a traditional student exploring your study abroad options, embedding an international perspective into your education is a significant decision.

The Office of International Education facilitates cultural competency and global awareness within the campus community. Ultimately, it is our students, who do the work and give us hope for a brighter future as citizens of the world. At Endicott, we all learn from one another; it is the diversity of thought and perspective that adds context and real value to what happens in the classroom.

We encourage you to explore our offerings. You'll find great information and resources, whether you're an international student hoping to study at Endicott, a local student searching for a study abroad program, or a current student looking for ideas to broaden your horizons.

Study Abroad

International travel and study can offer life-changing experiences. Maybe that's why nearly half of our undergraduate students choose to study abroad, gaining unique perspectives through our semester-long and short-term opportunities.

International Education Master's Programs

These programs are designed to help teachers, administrators, and education specialists meet the needs of diverse student populations in multicultural environments, either domestic or international. Available as blended programs in Madrid or 100% online.

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"Instructors welcome you as you are, and train you to become the best you want to be. I personally discovered the leader I am and the positive impact I can bring to the world around me."
Masee Esther Pondi, M’18
M.Ed. in International Education
Amar Patel
Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

Going global for an MBA

Amar Patel
Amar Patel '18
Business Management
"One piece of advice that I have for incoming students is to take advantage of everything that Endicott has to offer, including study abroad programs, internships, and career fairs to lead you down the right path."
For Amar Patel, his experiences as a business management student at Endicott were what prepared him to pursue an MBA abroad.
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Linda Adarkwah walking the streets of Santorini
American College of Greece

Getting a global view on psychology in Greece

Linda Adarkwah walking the streets of Santorini
Linda Adarkwah '20
Criminal Justice
"I've always been a fan of diversity and cultural awareness so submerging myself into the Greek culture was beyond satisfying."
Linda Adarkwah discovered a whole new world and a whole new perspective on what her postgraduate career path will be after spending a semester in Greece.
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Paige Shippie standing outside the Hawthorne Hotel
Hawthorne Hotel

Two bachelor’s degrees & a passion for hospitality management

Paige Shippie standing outside the Hawthorne Hotel
Paige Shippie '19
Hospitality Management
"I can do anything that I put my mind to and this experience confirmed that. It made me really excited about the opportunities I have going forward in the workforce. You’re never done learning, you’re never done progressing, you’re always going to strive to make yourself better. If you’re living life right, then you’re always seeking these ideals for self-improvement."
In her six years as an Endicott Gull, Paige Shippie accomplished a list of accolades—most notably, earning two bachelor’s degrees—the first in English & creative writing in 2016, and the second in hospitality management in 2019. After having a moment of clarity in 2017, Shippie decided to return to her alma mater to pursue her passion through a second bachelor’s at an accelerated pace of two years.
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