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Community Learning Spaces


Our community learning spaces help students take advantage of the many benefits of learning with others.

With community learning spaces provided on a structured and weekly basis, students can drop in and learn in an informal, low-stakes manner. Students are welcome to work independently in the shared space, and they are also encouraged to connect, collaborate, and think with each other. Furthermore, Tutoring and Writing Center peer and professional tutors work in these spaces; they are there to help facilitate conversations amongst students and offer drop-in support. 

Here are list of community learning spaces that we offered during the 2022-2023 academic year:

Fall 2022:

  • CHE105 - General Chemistry I

  • Math: MTH116 - Mathematical Problem Solving, MTH129 - Analysis of Functions, and MTH134 - Calculus I

Spring 2023: 

  • ACC175 - Financial Accounting

  • AT304 - Kinesiology 

  • BIO202 - Anatomy & Physiology II 

  • CHE106 - General Chemistry II

  • Computer Science courses

  • Economics: ECN201 - Macroeconomics and ECN202 - Microeconomics

  • Interior Architecture courses

  • Engineering and Bioengineering courses (MatLab)

  • Math: MTH126 - Applied Statistics; MTH

  • NU307 - Pharmacology

  • Writing courses 

Please reach out to to ask for more information or to request that a community learning space be set up for one of your courses or for writing.