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All registrar student forms are formatted for electronic submission. The forms are accessible from any standard internet browser and require Endicott credentials to log in to the portal.

Some of the forms are initiated by the student and others must be initiated by the dean or advisor (see list below). Once a form is submitted, it is routed electronically to the appropriate individual or department for approval prior to arriving to the Registrar’s Office for processing. Once a form is processed, a notification will be sent to your Endicott email address.

Please click here to access all electronic forms.

Student- Initiated Forms

  • Add/Drop Minor
  • Change of Address/Name
  • Change of Major/Concentration
  • Change of Enrollment Status
  • Course Withdrawal
  • Permission to Take a Course at Another Institution
  • Permission for an Undergraduate Student to Take a Course at Van Loan School of Professional Studies 
  • Withhold Directory Information

Dean- Initiated Forms

Note: If you are a student you will not have access to these forms online. Please contact your Dean or Advisor if you wish to start the process of completing one of these forms.

  • Course Waiver/Substitution (May be initiated by the students Dean or Academic Advisor)
  • Directed Study
  • Double Major Proposal
  • Exception Processing for Add/Drop
  • Independent Study