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Business Office

The services provided by the department include the following.

  • Accounts payable

Form W-9

Endicott-Supplier Set Up or Change Form 

Business Office Mission Statement  

The Business Office is responsible for establishing and maintaining the official accounting systems, records, and related systems of internal control of Endicott College, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles; for providing stewardship and accountability for institutional assets and all financial resources received and used; for providing services and support in the acquisition of goods and services; and for providing an exceptional level of satisfaction and efficient service for all its customers, both internal and external to the College. 

The Business Office has responsibility for treasury, investments, banking services, purchasing, accounts payable, long-term debt, property records, and risk management functions; for the preparation of internal and external financial reports including the general purpose financial statements; and the coordination and oversight of the external, independent audit. 

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