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Northeast Consortium of Colleges and Universities

Students at member institutions have the opportunity to take courses and use the libraries of any of the NECCUM member institutions.

NECCUM Member Institutions

Endicott College -
Cambridge College -
Gordon College -
Merrimack College -
Middlesex Community College -
Montserrat College of Art -
North Shore Community College -
Northern Essex Community College -
Regis College -
Salem State University -
University of Massachusetts at Lowell -


NECCUM Questions and Answers

  • What choices does NECCUM offer?

    Students at NECCUM member institutions have the opportunity to take courses at any of the other nine colleges as part of their academic program. The libraries at all ten member institutions are also open to NECCUM participants.

  • How can I take a course through NECCUM?

    It is easy. If a course you want to take is not offered at your institution, and is offered at one of the affiliated colleges, you can register for that course at the NECCUM member institution. Selected course may be available only on a "space available" basis. In fact, you can take one or two courses through NECCUM each semester - as long as these courses are not currently available at your home campus, where you must be registered as a full-time student.

  • What are the advantages?

    That depends on your course selections. For example, you might need to fulfill a graduation requirement or a prerequisite for a particular program, or you might simply find a course at another institution that extends your knowledge in a field that interests you. Often you get a different perspective by attending classes at an institution other than your own. Hundreds of students have taken advantage of these intercollegiate choices and have expressed great satisfaction with the experience.

  • What about tuition and credits?

    There are not additional tuition costs. You must pay for course-related materials. Grades and credits are automatically sent to your home institution's Registrar's office and become part of your record. NOTE: Grades do not necessarily become part of your transcript. Each institution has their own guidelines. Please consult with your institution's Registrar's Office.

  • How can I qualify?

    You must be a full-time student, enrolled in a degree program at a NECCUM member institution and receive appropriate approval from your academic advisor to register for a course at a member institution. You must also have a minimum 2.0 GPA, and satisfy all prerequisites for participation. First semester students are excluded from participation in cross-registration, with the exception of ROTC.

  • Where can I get more details?

    Talk about NECCUM with your academic advisor. You can also seek information from your Registrar or Financial Aid office.