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Endicott College School of Hospitality Management Prepares Students for Careers Locally & Abroad

School of Hospitality Management student, Jamie Mucci
A unique hospitality education at Endicott prepares students for careers both locally and abroad.

At Endicott College, a unique hospitality education leads to career possibilities that are limited only by your imagination.

Currently, labor shortages are among the greatest challenges facing the hospitality and restaurants industry, and Endicott has a watchful eye on what the needs are on a global scale. A wealth of internship experiences at sites such as Rafanelli Events, Marriott Long Wharf, Country Music Awards, and North of Boston Convention & Visitor Bureau prepare students for a successful career and ensure they graduate with hands-on experience, in addition to a degree.

The College’s School of Hospitality Management has two top-of-the-line program offerings for students wanting to pursue a career in the industry—hospitality management and hotel management—with two program concentrations under Hospitality Management—events management and international hospitality management.

Jamie Mucci ‘18 is a testament to the program. Mucci transferred to Endicott to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, with an events management concentration, after her freshman year. Mucci made the most of her three years as a Gull by grasping every opportunity that came her way—from summer employment to being a Student Stagiaire.

As a result of her internship experience and the connections she made, Mucci had secured a full-time job offer as operations manager at Misselwood Events before she even walked across the stage at Commencement. While it’s her first full-time job, it’s one that requires a lot of experience and leadership—a role that had her managing 16 weddings, along with other corporate and social events, just months after receiving her degree.

Mucci shares “The faculty is very invested in the students. I was very comfortable going in and talking to any of my professors, and they were always available to meet with me. Assistant Professor of Experiential Learning & Internship Coordinator, Mariellen Fidrych, is very involved in making sure students are interning at locations where they want to be—both locally and abroad. She’s there every step of the way, and that goes for all of the professors at Endicott. Even though I graduated, I still visit my former professors, and they are genuinely interested in how my career is going and making sure I’m where I want to be.”

While Mucci secured a job locally, many Endicott students have gone on to secure hospitality careers abroad in Switzerland and beyond. If you are interested in hospitality management in a global arena, the international concentration is for you. To learn more about how you can begin your hospitality career at Endicott, visit