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05/24/2022 - Students

Endicott Rugby is Taking Club Sports to New Heights

With multiple student-athletes who have left Endicott to play for professional or high-level recreational teams, the College has become known as a strong producer of quality rugby players, according to coaches Carly Baker and Charles Nastasi ’14 M’15.
05/21/2022 - Students

A Foggy Day, with Bright Futures Forecasted

The Endicott campus was abuzz with students and families who traveled from near and far to celebrate the Class of 2022.
05/19/2022 - Students

When the Journey Ends

This semester, we’ve followed five Endicott students on transformative study abroad assignments around the globe—but the hardest thing about traveling is that, at some point, you have to come home.
05/09/2022 - Students

The Dream Resume

At Endicott, Julia Keegan ’22 combined a passion for pop culture, journalism, and politics, completing internships on Capitol Hill and planning a move to D.C. post-graduation.
05/09/2022 - Students

Taking a Leading Role

With Endicott’s support, Nate Magoon ’22 has come to terms with his truest self—on and off the stage.
05/05/2022 - Students

Designing a Career in Interior Design

For Sarah Horgan ’22, a passion for HGTV inspired an Endicott education and a professional pathway.
05/05/2022 - Students

The Code Breaker

International student Jamyang “Z” Tamang ’22 pulled late nights learning to program, helping to win a hackathon and learning a lot about himself along the way.
05/05/2022 - Students

A Story in Progress

Colby Yokell ’22 was just a small-town girl, and now she’s off to pursue her literary dreams through acceptance into the New York University Summer Publishing Institute.
05/02/2022 - Students

Tennis Lessons

Fernanda Trevino ’21 not only graduated early but left Endicott with a tennis championship and a role with American Airlines.
04/29/2022 - Students

The Principal Balance

Worcester principal Sam FanFan juggled work and family with going back to school for his doctorate—but found community, success, and a mission while at Endicott.
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