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Communication Program BS

Provides a breadth of coursework that engages students in exploring multiple areas of this dynamic field.

Criminal Justice Program BS

A comprehensive program covering the American justice system and domestic and global security.

Digital Media Program BS

An exciting synergy between filmmaking and journalism including applied production skills. Students chose concentrations in journalism or filmmaking.

English Program

A foundation in literary history, terms, and genres, plus innovative literature, creative writing, and professional writing electives.

English: Creative Writing Concentration BA

Hone your writing skills, examine literary texts, and develop your own voice through a creative writing concentration.

English: Literature and Language Concentration BA

Further your study of English through a concentration in literature and language.

English: Secondary Education Teacher Licensure Concentration BA

Specialize your English skills by obtaining your teaching certification in secondary education.

History Program BA

Examine events from regional to world history to uncover the root causes of political and social change, and to understand contemporary issues.

Public History Concentration BA

A public history concentration will help you develop a solid foundation to interpret the past.

History: Secondary Education Teacher Licensure Concentration BA

Specialize your study of History by obtaining your teaching certification in secondary education.

Integrated Studies Program AS

A unique opportunity for qualified students to obtain an Associate of Science in Integrated Studies.

Interdisciplinary Studies Program BA

The most flexible of academic programs allows for the greatest breadth of academic courses from across majors and disciplines.

Interdisciplinary Studies: Individually Designed Major BA

An opportunity to pursue your interests in liberal studies that are not available as a specific major.

Marketing Communication / Advertising Program BS

Coursework covers all aspects of this complex industry including advertising, public relations, social media, and integrated marketing.

Political Science Program BS

Develops skills for understanding and navigating complex intercultural factors to help individuals, communities, and nations work together.

Psychology Program BS

Wide-ranging topics explore various aspects of human behavior, with clinical, counseling, and research opportunities.
In Pictures
How to Succeed in Washington D.C.
Garrett Puckett ’18 is realizing his dream of working in U.S. politics.
Garrett Puckett ’18
In Pictures
On-Campus Research Project Builds Real-World Experience
Learn more about the important four-year ‘extracurricular’ project Abby Keim completed at Endicott College.
Abby Keim ’19
In Pictures
Protecting the Brave
Kaitlyn Nadeau, a bioengineering alumna, researched the impact of fungus growth on portable combat tents.
Kaitlyn Nadeau ’20

Considering A Minor

A minor is a group of courses, for students to take who wish to progress their experience in a subject in addition to their major. Minors are optional, but can help students stand out in the next step of their professional journey.

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