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Integrated Studies Program

  • Program Overview

    In exceptional circumstances, students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program may petition to receive an Associate of Science in Integrated Studies.

    An Associate in Science in Integrated Studies is available to students based upon specific circumstances.

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  • Curriculum

    Curriculum Requirements - Total Credits Required: 67-68


    First Year - Credits: 32-33

    • Aesthetic Awareness and Creative Expression General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
    • General Elective   (Cr: 6)
    • Individual and Society General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
    • Literary Perspectives General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
    • Quantitative Reasoning General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
    • Science and Technology General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3-4)
    • World Cultures General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
    • ENG 111 - Critical Reading and Writing I (Cr: 3)
      Satisfies the Writing Designated Core requirement.
    • ENG 112 - Critical Reading and Writing II (Cr: 3)
      Satisfies the Writing Designated Core requirement.
    • INT 100 - Internship I (Cr: 2)

    Sophomore - Credits: 35

    • Electives   (Cr: 6)
    • General Education Electives  (Cr: 12)
      • Two must be above the 100 level
    • Global Issues General Education Requirement Cr: 3)
    • Three courses in a specific department or major   (Cr: 9)
    • Values & Ethical Reasoning General Education Requirement (Cr: 3)
    • INT 200 - Internship II (Cr: 2)

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