Promoting and supporting more effective teaching and learning through the use of technology.

What We Do

Our mission is to be responsive to the needs of the Endicott community as we provide support in the use of current technologies and leadership in the evaluation and adoption of new and innovative ones. On a daily basis, we:

  • Oversee all academic technology on campus, including: computer labs, laptop support, mediated and technology enhanced classrooms, Media Services, Canvas- the campus Learning Management System, YuJa cloud based media storage and distribution system, Big Blue Button and other web conferencing systems, the Digital Media Center and mobile device training and support.
  • Provide workshops, training and support to faculty, staff and students in the use of various software programs, web tools, digital media and audio/video production technologies.
  • Maintain an Academic Technology Community Website, containing news, information, a blog, training materials and workshops schedules.

Endicott Technology Resources and Guidelines

All incoming freshmen for the 2017-2018 academic year are required to bring laptops to campus. Please view the College Laptop Requirement and the new hardware recommendations for all majors.

iPads/ Mobile Devices
The college has embarked on a Technology Enhancement Initiative that encourages and incorporates the use of student and faculty iPads in teaching and learning throughout the curricula. Academic Technology supports Endicott faculty and students across disciplines in this initiative. You can email for help or call the iPad Support line at ext. 7615.

Computer Labs
Endicott College has a total of five full computer labs, a Cyber Cafe open 24/7, numerous special purpose mini labs for individual departments located throughout the campus and multiple computer workstations in the library. For more information about the labs and other public workstations, please visit the Computer Labs page. If you need to reach us for computer labs, printer or software support, please email

Media Services
Media Services provides the campus AV services including event setup and support, video production and editing and the campus digital signage. We support the Digital Media Center as well as all technology enhanced and mediated classrooms. Media Services also delivers, sets up and signs out laptop computers, portable LCD projectors, TV carts, audio equipment, digital cameras and other AV equipment to the campus community.

The Digital Media Center
The Digital Media Center is Endicott's TV studio/multimedia center that encompasses an HD video production studio, control room and multimedia post production/editing suite. The Center's resources include the Broadcast Pix digital production studio, a Telvue media storage and distribution server, Scala digital messaging system, as well as portable digital video cameras, digital non-linear video and audio editing workstations, professional lighting and audio recording equipment. For more information, please visit the Digital Media Center page.

Canvas and YuJa
Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) and YuJa is our cloud based media storage and distribution server, allowing faculty to embed videos, distribute podcasts and other media files to their students in an efficient and secure manner. These online tools allow faculty, students and staff to collaborate and communicate in a variety of ways for courses and other approved campus departments and groups. Documents and files of just about any type, can be posted to Canvas by faculty. Additionally, online forums where faculty, staff and students can post topics and responses for discussion can take place 24/7. Chat rooms, web conferencing, online quizzes, tests and other coursework and assignments, as well as announcements and online grading are also part of the Canvas LMS.

Workshops and Training
Academic Technology workshops for faculty, students and staff are offered throughout the academic year on a variety of learning technologies, including classroom and digital media technologies, CanvasYuJa, iPads/ mobile devices and web conferencing/virtual classroom technology. Schedules are posted each semester. Check the calendar for details.

Contact Academic Technology

Kent Barclay
Associate Dean, Academic Technology
Halle Library

Jane Tutein
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Halle Library

Eric Chamberlin
Instructional Designer
Halle Library

Don Legere
Academic Technology Support Technician
Halle Library

Michael Hawkins
Academic Technology Systems Administrator
Halle Library

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