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Theme 4: Strength of Story

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Strength of Story includes the following priority initiatives:
Endicott Students at Career Fair

Cohesive & Clear Brand

Redefining the College’s mission and shared values, to maintain consistency of messaging across all materials, is crucial for strong storytelling.
Endicott Student with test tube

Expanded Student Recruitment Opportunities

New program development and existing degree expansion will reinforce academic connections to relevant industries, enhancing our commitment to experiential learning and career outcomes.
Endicott Donors

Increase Donor Revenue

The impact of philanthropic support reverberates across Endicott. Growing participation through new fundraising opportunities and philanthropic events in Boston and key areas with alumni concentrations will help support the success of our mission and values.
Endicott Students by the Water

Promote Tomorrow’s Endicott

A robust internal and external marketing plan aimed at educating the campus and greater community to promote the breadth and value of an Endicott education locally and across the world.