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Theme 2: Innovative Culture

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Innovative Culture includes the following priority initiatives:
Endicott Student and Staff Member

Aligned & Agile Organization

An active and lively approach to change leads to collective greatness. Designated spaces for faculty and staff collaboration and idea sharing, and flexible schedules for different departments on campus will better meet the needs of students and employees.
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Data Informed & Technology Energized

With efficiency as the top goal, determine and install a new, modern system that will replace tools currently used across campus. Enhance Endicott’s culture with data-backed decision making through the creation of a custom metrics dashboard.
Endicott Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition, Retention & Development

Higher education is a competitive landscape so retaining and attracting top talent is critical for an innovative culture to thrive. Leadership and skill development, professional growth, and a compensation study will lead to an updated structure to better support employees and inform hiring decisions.
Endicott Student Fair

An Inclusive & Engaged Community

A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion through a concerted effort to make the Nest more reflective of the world in which we live. Recruiting and retaining a more diverse student body will mean better outreach and financial aid resources, while growing diversity of staff will require differentiators like relocation expenses and employee resource groups.