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Sail Beyond the Shore | Strategic Plan

Endicott College Strategic PlanRead the Full PlanAs we embark on a new strategic journey together, we dream of a bold future for Endicott—one where magnificence will be illuminated by the power of place, an innovative and diverse culture, and our commitment to transformational learning. The collective strength of our story will transcend Endicott from “best kept secret.” 

Risk takers and history makers know that you can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. Endicott is situated on the bluffs atop the natural landscape of Boston’s North Shore, with vast views of Massachusetts Bay stretching to the Atlantic Ocean—symbolizing infinite possibilities. Our invigorating site will serve as the impetus where conversations with industry leaders convene and inspire, where new and innovative sources of alternative revenue will attract fresh faces to our global community. Continuous improvement of our unique campus landscape means new buildings, beautification projects, and aesthetics that will add brightness to an already magnificent canvas. 

While the beauty of this place is unparalleled, it is the people who define our inventive, curious, and vibrant culture. Imagine what we will accomplish as we grow to reflect the society in which we live, seeking a more inclusive and engaged community. Our pioneering spirit of entrepreneurship requires high performing teams and the recruitment of the best and the brightest talent in their field. Leadership development comes with the expectation that employees meet or exceed their highest potential. Operational efficiency will be realized through the application of cutting-edge technology used to make informed decisions. Happiness will manifest through the ideology that when you do what you love, you love what you do. 

The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder. Transformational learning experiences will grow by expanding our unique foundation of internships and co-ops to opportunities beyond the greater Boston area and increasing study away partnerships throughout the country. Our commitment to global citizenry will flourish as we introduce new study abroad sites around the world. Right here at the Nest, living and learning communities will bridge the divide between the traditional academic experience with social and emotional support that connects students and faculty outside of the classroom. Heightened academic excellence will elevate the reputation of the institution while attracting high caliber students to join the Endicott family. 

The strength of this bold Endicott story encompasses your narratives—success on the public stage while teaching and researching, learning as students, and working as graduates—that will create a clear and powerful brand leading to greater affinity among donors and prospects and bringing us to a place Endicott has never been before. 

For more than eighty years, Endicott has continued to grow and evolve, consistently meeting the needs of an ever-changing student population. Join us as we chart a course for the future of the College.

Charting the Course

In 2020, Endicott College partnered with Credo, a leading higher education consulting firm, to launch our strategic planning process. This expertise and guidance led to several rounds of community input, data analysis, prioritization, and decision-making. 

The Strategic Plan process launched with a leadership retreat in September 2020. Four themes emerged about what makes Endicott an institution of distinction. These themes were then introduced to the Board of Trustees, followed by virtual community meetings with more than 400 faculty and staff members, and to groups of students throughout the Fall 2020 semester. The Planning Team was assembled, which included faculty, staff, and administrative representation from across the College, and met to review the collected data.


From this group, Theme Team co-chairs were identified to work with additional faculty and staff members in analyzing the data and propose relevant initiatives. Once the Theme Teams concluded their work, the Planning Team reviewed and further developed their recommendations, which were presented to the Board of Trustees in February 2021.


Planning Team

Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D., President

Chris Barnhill, Director of Digital & Web Services

Bryan Cain, VP of Student & External Engagement 

Amy Donovan, CIO 

Tony Ferullo, VP of Finance & COO

Rick Gagnon, Director of Physical Plant

Brandi Johnson, VP & Chief Diversity Officer

Jodi Kenyon, Associate Athletic Director, Women’s Soccer Coach 

Meghan Monaco, Dean of Admission

Marlin Nabors, Assistant VP of Student Affairs & Dean of Students

Jennifer Pearce, Director of Leadership Giving

Lara Salahi, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Broadcast & Digital Journalism 

Amy Smith, DNP, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Nursing 

Katherine Whidden, Interim Associate VP of Human Resources

Brian Wylie, Ph.D., Assistant VP of Athletics & Athletic Director

Setting Sail

The Planning Team was charged with leading the discussion to develop and implement the Strategic Plan over the next several years and ensuring it was informed by community input and data—combined with bold thinking. 
For more than eight decades, Endicott College’s entrepreneurial spirit has propelled this institution forward with a commitment to harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of our entire community. Through unique geography, passionate people, unmatched service, and storytelling to a wider audience, we ensure our students receive the highest quality education. Together, we begin this journey to make Endicott even stronger.

Reaching the Destination

The Strategic Plan will work in concert with the comprehensive capital campaign and campus master planning processes to provide the foundation for our continued growth. Initiatives that reflect the best of Endicott will guide us toward rich, new discoveries.
These initiatives are designed for achievability within the next five years. The Planning Team anticipates no more than three initiatives per theme will be pursued at any given time. Clear metrics and key performance indicators are tied to each initiative allowing for progress tracking of the overall plan. A data collection steward will support this effort, and implementation teams have been assigned to see each initiative through to fruition.

The Planning Team will remain in place for the duration of the Strategic Plan, with membership reviewed every two years. This group will monitor progress of the plan and ensure the implementation teams stay on track for completion.

This voyage will take a determined crew with a shared sense of dedication to our powerful place, innovative culture, transformational learning, and strong story. We are glad to have you on deck.

Theme 1: Power of Place

Endicott College sits on a natural marvel. Perched above a scenic coast where salted air and endless ocean views inspire creativity and fresh thinking, this place broadens personal and professional horizons. The power of this place has infinite potential.

Endicott College - College Hall

Theme 2: Innovative Culture

Innovation and success at the Nest rely on the members of the Endicott community and their commitment to personal and professional growth. A more inclusive and engaged community benefits all of us, through a keen focus on attracting new talent, developing and retaining current employees, and supporting them with leading technology to fulfill their potential.
Endicott Students

Theme 3: Transformational Learning

Building upon a solid foundation of experiential learning that includes our nationally-ranked internship and co-op program and opportunities for student-faculty research collaboration, we will make our distinguishing educational differentiators even stronger, while adding value that highlights Endicott’s commitment to academic rigor.
Endicott College students in lab

Theme 4: Strength of Story

The story of Endicott stems from a deep, pioneering history with the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurialism at its core. With a nod to our origins, we will write for the future, creating a clear and cohesive voice—a brand that focuses on stories that motivate student recruitment, grow our philanthropic base, and expand our global reach.
Endicott College Students


Join us as we chart a course for the future of the College.

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