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Dr. Kathleen H. Barnes, Interim President

Dr. Kathleen H. Barnes has been a pioneer throughout her professional career. Often referred to as the “Dean of Student Happiness,” Dr. Barnes has dedicated her life to the advancement of Endicott College as an alumna, former senior vice president and dean of academic success, and as interim president since May 2018.

Dr. Barnes has focused on improving the student learning experience through work with retention, student success, accessibility services, universal design for learning, academic advising and technology, tutoring and library services, and first-year experience. She has received several certifications related to her areas of interest and awards from various international organizations for her work on foreign credentialing, legislative, and professional ethics for health care professions.

With an eye toward her passion for accessible education, Dr. Barnes has served on international foundation and organization boards with similar missions. Dr. Barnes has published works in assistive technology and regulatory statuses in the fields of rehabilitation engineering, universal design, and physical therapy. She also assisted in the authoring of state and national legislation regarding ethics and regulation of allied health professions and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Following her studies at Endicott, Dr. Barnes earned a bachelor’s degree at Quinnipiac University, a master’s degree at the University of Indianapolis, and a Ph.D. at the Union Institute and University. Dr. Barnes also enjoys sailing with her family along the eastern seaboard and playing with her granddaughter in Maine.