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  • How do I connect to the wireless network?

    If you are a new student you need to register your device by following these instructions:

    Endicott-Secure: This network mimics the Endicott network in function with the additional element of WPA2 Enterprise level security. You will be required to change your Endicott email password prior to using the “Endicott-Secure” network. To change your password click MyEndicott password change. Once changed, you can log into the “Endicott-Secure” network with your Endicott email address and password. A security certificate will be offered and you must accept it. Note: Some older devices do not support encryption at this level (Older versions of windows and OS X and some consumer grade electronics for example) in that case the “Endicott” network should be used.

    Endicott: The “Endicott” network will be replacing our “Student” network. You will use your Endicott email address and password to register your devices via a web portal once you have selected the “Endicott” network to connect to. This registration will last for one year.

  • How do I set up my Endicott email address on my phone or tablet?

    The process for iPhone/Android users should be relatively similar.

    1. Download the Gmail app.
    2. Enter your Endicott email (, NOT, and your password.
  • How do I register my game console with the student network?

    While you are on campus and connected to a Endicott Network, click register.