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Residence Life FAQs

  • Are all of the residence halls co-ed?
    Endicott offers halls that are all-female, halls where the floors or wings are either all-male or all-female, and apartments that are either male or female.
  • What type of beds are in the halls? What kind of sheets will my student need?

    Endicott provides mattresses that are size twin extra-long. You should bring twin extra-long sheets with you!

    Check out our recommendations for What to Bring.

  • Are lofts allowed?

    Only College-supplied lofting and bunking arrangements are permitted for safety reasons. The use of lofted beds constructed with wood or cement blocks or any other like materials is prohibited.

    Note that most of our beds are adjustable and able to be raised high enough to fit a dresser and personal storage items underneath - Most students choose to take advantage of this option or bunk as they save space.

    Once on campus talk with your Area Director or Residence Director to ask about furniture adjustments, students may not bunk or loft their beds on their own for safety reasons.

  • Can furniture be removed from the room and replaced with my own?
    No. The furniture provided is permanent and may not be removed even if the number of occupants in the room changes.
  • How much is too much to move in?

    The first thing to do is contact your roommate. Find out what they are bringing so you don't bring duplicates. To make move-in as smooth as possible, we ask that you bring one car load. Experience has shown that students who bring more than this end up taking most of it back home again.

    Check out our recommendations for What to Bring.

  • Can students send belongings in advance of their arrival?
    Due to limited storage space we can only allow international students to send packages before they move in. All packages are sent to a central location where the student must pick them up and carry them to their rooms. There is no transportation provided for this service. At this time we can accept only two packages (no larger than 16"x 11"x 16") for any individual person. Any additional items will be returned to the sender.
  • Are pets allowed?
    No. Pets are not permitted in the residence halls with the exception of fish (up to a 10 gallon tank).
  • When will students find out their housing assignments?
    Housing assignments for fall enrollment will be emailed during the month of August; housing assignments for spring enrollment will be emailed during January. This email will include the name(s) and contact information of roommate(s) along with general arrival information.
  • When do the residence halls open in the fall/spring?
    Specific move-in day details will be mailed to your home address during August or January prior to the semester of your arrival or you may look at the academic calendar, which lists all move-in days.
  • I would like to move in before the check-in date, what do I do?

    We've worked hard to design a smooth move-in process, which currently requires certain groups of students to arrive on certain days/times. Having extra people on campus during those times can cause extra confusion and large back ups, so early arrivals are highly discouraged. If you feel you have a unique situation, please contact the Residence Life Office at and state why you are requesting an early arrival. For fall move-in, any student who is approved to move-in early is expected to help work move-in dates.

  • Can first year students have cars on campus?
    No, first year students will NOT be allowed to have cars on campus.
  • Can students bring bikes and where can they be stored?
    Yes, bikes are permitted on campus. Most halls require bikes to be parked outside at the bike racks provided. We encourage students to use two sturdy bike locks.
  • Is carpeting provided in student rooms?
    No, carpeting is not provided.
  • What is the cost of Room and Board?
    Please see the Tuition and Fees schedule on the Bursar's web page.
  • How often are rooms cleaned?
    Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms. Housekeeping staff are responsible for cleaning the public areas (hallways, lounges, public restrooms, etc.). Students with bathroom facilities in their individual rooms or suites are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms.
  • Can students leave belongings in the room during break periods?
    Yes. While student rooms are typically accessed for maintenance purposes only, we do encourage students to take expensive property home with them. Clothes and other belongings can be left in student rooms.
  • Are there direct hookups in each residence hall room for computers?
    Yes, all the halls are wired with a high-speed direct computer connection to the internet. Students must provide their own ethernet cables.
  • Where can students do their laundry?
    Each residence hall complex is equipped with washers and dryers. Students can use their Gull Card account to wash or dry their clothes (Standish students require a separate card, provided by the Residence Life office). Students located in any residence on Hale Street are invited to use the laundry facilities provided in The Village.
  • What should a student do if they have roommate problems?
    Students should first try to discuss their situation with their roommate(s). If they cannot reach an agreement, they should contact their resident assistant or their residence director who will initiate a roommate mediation and create a roommate agreement. If the roommate mediation fails, either or both students may seek out a room change from the residence director. Room changes are made on a space-available basis only.
  • Is there a campus shuttle service?
    Yes, the Shuttle Service brings students to local shopping centers, movies, and MBTA stations, as well as scheduled trips into Boston. Please refer to student activities for specific information regarding shuttle times.
  • What do I do if I don't like my housing assignment?

    We are committed to helping all students live in the best housing arrangement possible, however please understand that housing types and spaces are limited and an immediate room change may not be available. If a student is interested in a room change, either moving within their own building or moving to a new building, they should contact their Residence Director to begin the process.

    In order to obtain a complete and final list of available spaces post move-in, there is a two week room freeze period at the beginning of each semester. After two weeks Residence Life will work with students in hopes to find a space that better suits their needs.

  • What banks are available on campus?
    A number of banks are conveniently located in downtown Beverly. A Bank of America ATM is located on campus next to Public Safety and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • What do I do if I get sick?
    If a student is sick they are encouraged to visit the Family Medicine Associates Health Center, located in the Callahan Center. If there is a medical emergency, the student should call Public Safety at ext. 1111. A member of the Residence Life staff and emergency response staff will be dispatched immediately.