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Housing Policies and Procedures

  • Quiet Hours

    Quiet hours are in effect in all residence halls to promote an environment of academic success and student wellness, and to encourage an atmosphere of mutual respect within each community. Quiet hours are:

    Sunday—Thursday: 11 p.m.—9 a.m. 
    Friday and Saturday: 1 a.m.—10 a.m.

    During finals week, quiet hours are extended to 24 hours a day.

    24/7 Courtesy Hours - Courtesy hours state that noise levels, at all times, are to remain reasonable and respectful of neighbors. Specifically, residential environments must be supportive of student health, wellness and academic success, including but not limited to students sleeping and studying in the halls. As members of a shared community, all residents are accountable to 24/7 courtesy hours at all times. 

  • Visitation and Guests

    At Endicott, we believe that first semester acclimation to student life is fundamental to student success. Therefore, there is no overnight visitation permitted for students during the first two weeks of the fall semester.

    A foundation of the overnight guest policy is that guests (both current students as well as off campus guests) are only permitted with the consent of the roommate(s). Any off campus guest or Endicott College commuter student should obtain a guest pass by filling out the electronic form on the Public Safety web page. Students are allowed up to two guests at a time, for up to two days. The complete policy is listed in the Student Handbook.

    Read more about the Visitor Policy.


  • Facilities and Damage Billing

    Residence Life and Physical Plant have a close working relationship to ensure facilities concerns within residence halls are responded to in a timely manner. For assistance, students should email their Area or Residence Director as soon as possible to report any maintenance needs. Residence Life staff will confirm a work order with the Physical Plant division within 1 business day, with repairs typically taking 2-3 business days to complete. For after-hours facilities emergencies, including but not limited to water leaks and power outages, students should call Public Safety at 978-232-2222 to get immediate attention from Residence Life and Physical Plant staff on call.

    In partnership with students living on campus, Residence Life and Physical Plant document and repair any damage that occurs in the residence halls. Room Condition Reports (RCRs) are reviewed with each student upon move-in to note the condition of every room at the beginning of occupancy. Upon the discovery of any damage, students should inform their Area or Residence Director. Any damage to residential facilities is subject to billing, pending the nature of the damage and information about responsible parties. Students are responsible for any damage that occurs in their room, suite, house/apartment unless (a) specific responsible party/ies are identified. In instances of common area damage, if ownership of the damage is not claimed or identified by the college, all residents of that building will split the damage charge.


  • Lock Out Procedures and Lost Keys

    It is the responsibility of residential students to carry their keys and Gull Cards with them at all times. If by chance a student is locked out of their room, the student is encouraged to try to find their roommate(s) first. If that fails, the student should try to find a staff member within the building. If there is neither a roommate nor a staff member around, students should contact the Residence Life Office during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm).  After hours students can call Public Safety to have the Residence Life on-call staff person respond. Lockouts are documented as part of a three-strike policy, where every time after three lockouts within the school year, the student will be charged a fee of $25/per lockout. Lost keys will result in a charge for both the creation of new keys, as well as a lock change for applicable room/suite/house doors. 

  • Registered Social Events

    In designated upperclass halls, students are eligible to host  Registered Social Events. These events are requested by submitting an electronic form to the Office of Residence Life no later than 12:00pm on the Wednesday prior to an event. Events can only be held on Fridays and Saturdays. By registering a social event, students acknowledge the policies and procedures in place by both the College and state of Massachusetts surrounding social host liability as well as how to access on-campus staff for support. Students who register social events on campus receive complimentary food, water, cleaning supplies, as well as personal meeting time with staff to aid in their hosting of a successful event. For more information on eligibility, please see the Student Handbook. To access the event request link, students should email

  • Openings and Closings
    Residence Hall opening and closing times coincide with the published academic calendar. It is important that students adhere to the opening and closing times posted by Residence Life and the College. No student is allowed to arrive prior to their designated hall opening date or time, nor are they allowed to stay past a designated hall closing time. Opening and closing times include September move-in, Thanksgiving break, Winter break, Spring break,and May End-of-Year move-out. Early arrival and late-stay approvals are rare and are assessed on a case by case basis. Any approved early arrival or late-stay requests will be accompanied by a financial charge. Please see the Student Handbook for details of the Early Arrival policy.
  • Health and Safety Room Checks
    Room inspections are completed by Residence Life staff four times a year (twice a semester) to ensure there are not fire, health and safety violations present. Health and Safety Checks are completed by professional staff members during the first month of each semester, as well as during Thanksgiving and Spring break closing procedures. In order to keep our residence halls free from anything that may cause harm to the building or others - please see our prohibited items list in the Student Handbook, as well as our “what to bring” suggested items.