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Housing Policies and Procedures

  • Quiet Hours

    Quiet hours are in effect in all residence halls to promote an environment of academic success and student wellness, and to encourage an atmosphere of mutual respect within each community.

    Sunday—Thursday: 11 p.m.—9 a.m.
    Friday and Saturday 1 a.m.—10 a.m.

    Quiet hours are extended to 24 hours a day during the week of finals.

  • Visitation and Guests

    At Endicott, we believe that first semester acclimation to student life is a fundamental key to a student’s success. Therefore, there is no overnight visitation permitted for first-year students during the first two weeks of the fall semester.

    A foundation of the overnight guest policy is that guests (both current students as well as off campus guests) are only permitted with the consent of the roommate(s). Any off campus guest or Endicott College commuter students should obtain an overnight pass by filling out the electronic form on the Public Safety web page. Students are allowed up to two overnight guests at a time. The complete policy is listed in the Handbook for Students.

    Read more about the Visitor Policy.

  • Damage Billing
    Damage billing at Endicott occurs throughout the year as damage happens, with the majority occurring at the end of each semester. The Office of Residence Life works in conjunction with Physical Plant and the Judicial Office to record all damages that occur within and around the residence halls and to charge the appropriate damages and fines to the responsible parties. Please download our damage billing information packet (PDF) (will be available soon)  on how to avoid damage billing.
  • Lock Out Procedures
    The College strives to provide many services for students. The institution realizes that students may occasionally lock themselves out of their rooms. It is the responsibility of residential students to carry their keys and Gull Cards with them at all times. If by chance a student is locked out of his or her room, the student is encouraged to try to find their roommate(s) first. If that fails, the student should try to find a staff member within the building. If there is neither a roommate nor a staff member around, the student can call Public Safety to have someone respond from across campus or Residence Life during normal business hours. Any lockout will be counted as part of a a three-strike policy, where every time after three lockouts within the school year, the student will be charged a fee of $25.