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Move-In and What to Bring

  • Room Information

    All rooms on campus come with the following items:

    Cable hook-up (cable wire needed)
    Desk chair
    Internet port (ethernet cable recommended, but not required)
    Shared closet, rack system or wardrobe
    Twin mattress (extra long linens suggested)

    All traditional-style residence halls also come with small recycling and trash bins.

    • The dorms now included in the Res Hall Recycling programs are: Endicott, Frates, Hale, Brindle, Reynolds, Trexler, Brooks, Hamilton, Wenham, Winthrop, Beacon, Birchmont, Alhambra, Rogers, Marblehead, Stoneridge, Bayview, Gloucester, Manchester 
  • Move-In and What to Bring

    Move-In Policy

    In order for buildings, rooms, and the College to be fully prepared for move-in, students are expected to arrive on their assigned move-in date, and not before. Students arriving prior to their assigned move-in date will not be permitted to move in under any circumstances. 

    All students are assigned a specific move-in date for campus arrival:

    New Student Move-In: Saturday, August 26

    Returning Student Move-In: Tuesday, August 29

    All students are also assigned a specific move-in time:
    Assigned move-in times will be communicated in advance to all students via email and postal mail.  

    Assigned times allow for campus to accommodate heavy vehicle traffic and parking, and ensure a smooth and enjoyable arrival.

    All students will have the same assigned move-in time as their direct roommate(s).

    New Student Move-In: Saturday, August 26
    New students will receive an email mid-August sharing their housing assignment, roommate(s), and move-in time. Shortly thereafter, a Move-In Access Pass will arrive via postal mail, which will allow access to the student’s building during their assigned time on their assigned move-in day.  Students may arrive any time after their assigned move-in time, but not prior.  Note that students will receive the same move-in time as each of their direct roommates. 

    To ease transition and ensure support, new students are not permitted to move in prior to August 26, which is the start of orientation. Email with questions or concerns regarding move-in. 

    Returning Student Move-In: Tuesday, August 29
    Returning students are not permitted to move in prior to August 29 as established in the 2023-2024 academic calendar. Returning students arriving prior to this date will not be permitted to move in under any circumstances. 

    Returning students will receive their move-in time, room assignment, and direct roommate name(s) via email in mid-August. In addition, they will receive a packet in the mail with their Move-In Access Pass, which will allow them to move in during their assigned time. Returning students may arrive any time after their assigned move-in date/time, but not prior. 

    Exceptions to the returning student move-in date of August 30 include the following approved Early Arrival Groups: international students, teachers in practicum training, RAs, OLs, in-season athletes, on-campus jobs with request of supervisor and approval, or internship with supervisor approval.

    What To Bring

    Be sure to contact your roommate(s) (if applicable) and discuss the arrangements as to who will bring what to avoid duplications. The following list is a suggestion of what to bring: 
    Room/Storage Supplies
    Small trash can (unless you are in a first-year hall, the majority of first-year halls come with small recycling and trash bins) 
    Storage bins
    Desk lamp
    Non-damaging command strips to hang photos/posters
    Linens/Laundry Supplies
    Sheets and pillowcases (two sets, XL twin)
    Pillows (two)
    Mattress pad/egg crate (XL twin) 
    Comforter/bedspread/blankets (XL twin) 
    Door clothes hangers
    Laundry bag/basket
    Laundry detergent
    Office/Desk Supplies
    Personal computer/laptop
    Printer - cannot be a wireless printer (optional as the college has many places to print)
    Surge protector power strip
    School supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks, etc.) 
    Personal choice of toiletries and products 
    First aid kit
    Toilet paper (if private bathroom)
    Shower flip flops
    Shower caddy 
    You do not need to bring clothing for all seasons with you on Move-In Day. We recommend a variety of layers for the weather ranging from late summer heat to early fall cooling.  It is suggested you exchange your seasonal clothing during a trip home or in the mail. 
    Paper towels
    Trash bags
    Light bulbs
    All-purpose cleaner
    If you plan to work on campus: I-9 documentation (passport OR driver's license and original Social Security card/birth certificate), bank information for direct deposit
    Health/dental insurance cards
    Emergency contact information (for check-in)
    Shared Items — Check with roommate(s)
    TV and coaxial cable 
    Area rug
    Refrigerator (no larger than 4.5 cu. Ft. and no more than two per room) or MicroFridge

  • What Not to Bring

    The following list represents those items NOT to bring as they are considered a potential fire and/or health and safety risk. Please be aware: if these items are discovered, they will be confiscated and retained by the College until the conclusion of the academic semester or school year.

    Air conditioners
    Air fryers
    Carpet tape
    Ceiling tapestries
    Cinder blocks
    Electric blankets
    Extension cords (must be surge-protected)
    Fireworks, explosives, ammunition
    George Foreman grills or toasters may only be used in kitchen areas
    Halogen lamps
    Hot plates
    Hot pots/Crockpots
    Immersion heaters
    Kerosene lamps
    Low gauge extension cords
    Microwaves (stand-alone microwaves)
    Natural material holiday decorations
    Non-college issued bed frames/mattresses
    Pets (other than fish - limited to a tank size capacity of 10 gallons)
    Popcorn poppers
    Potpourri burners
    Space heaters
    Toaster ovens
    Wax warmers (includes both tea light candle and light bulb warmers) 
    Weapons (refer to the Student Handbook for a detailed list)


  • New Student Move-In Events 2023
    New Student Move-In 
    Time: 7 a.m.-2 p.m. 
    Location: New Student Halls 
    New Student Breakfast 
    Event Time: 8-11 a.m. 
    Location: Manninen Center for the Arts Lobby
    New Student BBQ & Lawn Games 
    Event Time: 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. 
    Event Location: Lot 9 & Softball Field
    President's Welcome & Farewell Address 
    Event Time: 3 - 3:30 p.m. 
    Event Location: Hempstead Stadium 
  • Tips for a Sustainable Move-In

    Bring all of your waste to the appropriate dumpster!

    • Break down cardboard and place in open top dumpster labeled “Cardboard Recycling”.
    • All trash—including Styrofoam, plastic bags, bubble wrap, and air pillows—goes in the open top trash dumpster.
    • Other recycling—cans, paper, plastic containers—goes in blue dumpsters.

    Locate the nearest dumpsters to you by using our EcoMap—select “Trash” and “Recycling” on the left-hand column.

    • All traditional-style residence halls come with small recycling and trash bins. Students can use this to help separate trash and recycling when moving in. These bins are part of the room and will result in a room charge if missing at the end of the year.

    Follow these tips to make your move-in green!

    Reach out to to learn more about making your move-in sustainable. 

MicroFridge® Program

Rent a refrigerator for your residence hall! MicroFridge® offers a safe and convenient food storage and preparation solution in an integrated compact appliance. It frees up outlets, using just one plug into the wall socket to operate the refrigerator, freezer, and microwave oven.

Move-In Day at Endicott College

Students on move-in day September 2022 enjoying their return to campus and the move-in day activities and annual barbeque.