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Endicott College requires that all students complete a College Health Form, which includes each student's immunization history as required by Massachusetts law.

Health Form 2021-2022

As a student, you have full access to all medical services at the health center, including sick or accident visits, physical exams, flu shots, and full lab services.

If you have a PPO, POS, indemnity or similar type of plan, your insurance should cover any visits to the health center, subject to your co-payment. The health center will bill your insurance company directly at the time of visit. Co-pays, deductibles, and/or co-insurance may apply to visits at the Health Center.  However, if you have an HMO plan, you will need to obtain a referral number from your Primary Care Provider (PCP) in order to have insurance cover the cost. We encourage you to select one of the physicians at MFM during the school year to avoid obtaining a referral or other authorization. We encourage all students and employees to contact their insurance companies prior to visiting the health center to determine benefits and co-payment/deductible information.

All physicians at MFM are board certified family physicians and are recognized as such by insurance companies. By selecting one of the physicians at MFM as your PCP, you will be able to have your visit to the health center billed directly to your insurance company. If you had previously chosen a PCP from Family Medicine Associates (Dr. Gordon), you would need to change to a Middleton Family Medicine PCP.  Your co-payment would be due at the time of the visit. One of the advantages of selecting a primary care physician at MFM is that you will have 24 hour-a-day coverage, 365 days a year, from the MFM physician’s team.

In the event that you do not select a PCP from MFM, and your office visit is not covered by your insurance company, students will be charged $50 for an office visit. Additional fees may be charged depending on the medical treatment needed. MFM accepts cash, checks, debit cards, credit card (MasterCard, Visa and Discover) and Card Cash from a student’s Gull Card for payment of services. Because of federal guidelines, we are not able to bill a student’s Endicott tuition account for medical services.

Endicott employees are also welcome to seek medical care from MFM at Endicott. MFM is affiliated with Tufts Medical Center and also refer local facilities which includes Beverly Hospital, Addison Gilbert Hospital, and Lahey Health Outpatient Center at Danvers.