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Important Housing Dates and Break Information

Important Housing Dates for 2022-23 Academic Year

Fall Semester

August 24: New international student move in

August 27: First year student and transfer student move in

August 30: Returning student move in

August 31: Classes begin

October: Thanksgiving housing applications available

October 1-2: Homecoming and Family Weekend 

November: Fall RA selection (if needed, for spring 2022)

November 19: Classes end, break for Thanksgiving

November 18: Halls close at 6PM

November 27: Halls open at 10AM

November 28: Classes resume 

December 1: Deadline for change of residency status spring 2023 semester 

December 14: Last day of classes, quiet hours begin 5PM

December 16-17: Final Exams

December 20-22: Final Exams

December 22: Halls close, 6PM

Spring Semester 

January 3: Check-in for January housing

January 4: Winter term classes begin

January 21: New International student check-in

January 21: New student check-in (first time freshmen and transfers)

January 22: All returning student check-in

January 23: Classes begin

February: Spring RA selection (for fall 2023) 

March 10: Spring vacation begins after last class. Halls close at 6PM

March 19: Halls open at 10AM

March 20: Classes resume

April 1: Deadline for change of residency status fall semester 2023

April: Housing selection for returning students

May 5: Last day of classes, quiet hours begin at 5PM

May 8-12: Final exams, students must move out 24-hours after last exam, or by May 12 at 6PM, whichever occurs first.

May 12: Graduating seniors move out by 6PM

May 20: Commencement 

Change of status deadline: For fall semester April 1; For spring semester December 1