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Living Learning Communities

This year, Endicott is offering five Living-Learning Communities which are open to all incoming first-year students. Endicott College Living-Learning Communities develop co-curricular learning environments within our residence halls, where students will have the opportunity to immerse in a specific topic through a Critical Reading and Writing course, activities, and excursions. Students in the LLC will be connected to their professor and Residence Life staff to learn, engage, and connect around the specific topic. This year’s community themes: Leadership, Sustainability, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB), Women’s Empowerment, and Wellness.

Benefits of living in LLCs

  • Increased sense of community at Endicott
  • Closer connections with faculty members and Residence Life staff
  • Ability to form friendships with students who have similar interests and ideas
  • Opportunities to leave campus for excursions related to a particular LLC theme
  • A chance to live, study, and grow with people who share your passions
For more information, please contact the Office of Residence Life at

2022–2023 Living-Learning Communities

Reynolds Hall

Gull Leadership

Theme: Leadership
Location: Reynolds Hall

The Gull Leadership LLC provides students the opportunity to understand and grow their leadership potential, in and out of the classroom. Endicott students are leaders through their academic pursuits, internship experiences, and involvement on campus. Students in the Gull Leadership LLC will utilize the Student Leadership Challenge framework as a tool to grow their leadership abilities.

Trexler Hall


Theme: Women’s Empowerment 
Location: Trexler Hall

Endicott College was originally founded as a women’s college. The EmpowHER LLC is meant to build on that legacy and engage the next generation of women in leadership. This community promotes empowerment for anyone who identifies as a woman through engagement with topics such as women's issues in health, safety, media, history, and politics to learn about themselves and the role they play in the outside world.
Hale Hall

Live Well

Theme: Wellness
Location: Hale Hall

Wellness and supporting the whole student is essential at Endicott College. In the Live Well LLC, students will engage with different facets of wellness including exercise, stress management, spirituality, nutrition, and more to cultivate and maintain a balanced lifestyle in order to be successful through college and beyond.
Frates Hall

Better Together

Theme: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)
Location: Peter Frates Hall

The Endicott community is committed to fostering an environment that honors all individuals and celebrates diversity. Students that live in the Better Together LLC will study the roots of systemic and intersecting oppressions while making a difference in the lives of the Endicott community. Students will participate in DEIB efforts across campus in order to foster a sense of belonging for all students.
Brindle Hall

Go Green!

Theme: Sustainability
Location: Brindle Hall

The Nest is surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty. With three beaches and the trails bordering the other parts of campus, it’s nearly impossible to look around and not want to learn more about sustainability to preserve these sights. Students who live in the Go Green! LLC will learn more about how to protect and preserve our Earth through recycling efforts, energy conservation, learning about sustainable diets, and more.