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Guest Policy and Registration

Guest Policy and Pre-registration

Guests of Endicott students, faculty, and staff need to be registered at the Public Safety Center upon their arrival on campus. It is the responsibility of the host to make sure their guests are registered. Upon arrival to campus, guests will receive a guest pass and visitor parking permit at the Public Safety Center.

All Community members are to be accountable for the conduct of their guests. All students, and their guests, are expected to be aware of, and abide by, this Student Code of Conduct (“Code”).Endicott College’s Guest Policy has been established to ensure a comfortable and safe community environment on campus and in the residence halls. A foundation of Endicott’s Guest Policy is that guests (both current students who do not reside in the same room as the host as well as off campus guests) are only permitted with the consent of a resident’s roommate(s). Residence Life staff and Endicott College Police will address any behavior that jeopardizes the well-being and comfort of roommates.The following bullets delineate some of the Guest Policy rules, restrictions, and procedures that apply to resident students hosting guests: (for full Guest Policy rules see the Student Handbook)
  •  After 7:00 p.m., non-student guests who desire access to the College and do not possess a valid Endicott College identification card (Gull Card) issued through the Gull Card office will be required to park their vehicle, and all occupants desiring access to the campus must sign in at the Public Safety Center to receive a visitor badge and/or a visitor parking permit.
  • Students are only allowed to sign in two (2) non-Endicott guests at a time, including overnight guests.
  • Off-campus guests and resident students visiting in a residence hall not their own must sign into the building in the presence of the host when desk attendants are present. If a guest cannot produce their Gull Card ID or Visitor Pass, they will be denied access to the building.
  • Off-campus guests and Endicott College commuter students are required to obtain a Visitor Pass/Parking permit from the Public Safety Center. Resident students should sign in to other buildings when visiting other resident students.

How to pre-register guests:

To facilitate a speedy check-in process, Endicott Community Members have the ability to pre-register their guests.

To access the PassagePoint visitor pre-registration system, click here or go to directly.  Please note that the PassagePoint system can only be accessed from on-campus computers or from mobile devices connected to the “Endicott” or “Endicott-Secure” Wi-Fi networks.

  1. Once there, log in with your full Endicott email address and e-mail password
  2. Click on “Pre-Register Visitors”
  3. Complete the form with your visitor’s information and information on the visit
  4. Click the “Create Pre-Reg” button at the bottom of the screen
  5. To exit out of the system, close the tab or browser window