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Peer Tutor Tell All II

Eduardo Kreimerman '20, Emily Pereira '20, and Hannah Monbleau '19 share their perspective on being a resource for their peers.
Eduardo Kreimerman '20, Emily Pereira '20, and Hannah Monbleau '19 share their perspective on being a resource for their peers.

We asked. They answered. Then, we asked again. Peer Tutors Connor Frazier ’18 and Megan Dalke ’18 shared their stories with us earlier this semester. Now, hear from three more Endicott Peer Tutors about their experiences working in the Tutoring and Writing Centers of The Division of Academic Resources and Student Success. Eduardo Kreimerman ’20, Emily Pereira ’20, and Hannah Monbleau ’19 provide an up-close look at life as an Endicott Peer Tutor. 


Eddy Kreimerman ’20

Major: Hospitality Management

Minor: Psychology 

Role: Peer Tutor, Writing Center


As a freshman international student from Mexico City, Eddy Kreimerman found that visiting the Writing Center was extremely helpful, and he quickly found that the College had his back. He says, “The work of the department really captures the essence of Endicott: to help students be successful however possible.”


That’s why he decided to become a tutor himself. Now a tutor in the Writing Center, Kreimerman says, “I’m able to learn so much about so many different subjects that I would otherwise never learn, and that’s part of the continuous learning experience that college is. One of my favorite parts of a session is when, after struggling for a while, students understand what the problem was and come up with creative ways to fix it.”


As a non-native English speaker, Kreimerman says that many of his students admire his story. He says, “It has been very interesting to be able to assist both American and international students.” 



Emily Pereira ‘20

Major: Interior Design

Role: Master Tutor, Writing Center 


Emily Pereira says she’s practicing the concept of continuous education by being a Peer Tutor. “Coming to the tutoring or writing center promotes this idea as it is additional learning that occurs outside of the classroom.” She adds that she, too, continuously learns from those she tutors, so it’s a benefit for all involved. “Helping other students to improve their own writing inspires me because I see their own personal growth,” she says. 


While working in the Writing Center, Pereira has made incredible friendships. She says, “Some of my best friends are the peer tutors here.” She confesses that she was unsure, at first, about becoming a tutor. But, now having had the experience, she encourages all who are interested to give it a go. “I’ve gained tremendous friendships,” she says, “and improved my own writing skills as well.”  


Hannah Monbleau ’19 

Major: Psychology

Minor: Biology 

Role: Advanced Tutor, Tutoring Center 


For Hannah Monbleau, being a peer tutor is all about making connections. “I have a student that I have met with twice a week every semester for the past two years,” she explains, “…she has continued to make appointments with me every week.” 


Monbleau values being able to assist her peers with some of the same things she’s experienced as a student herself. “It is so important that our students know that they are supported by an entire community of other students,” she explains, “that have been in their shoes and are there to help.” Being a peer tutor is contagious, as she says, many of the students she has worked with have become peer tutors themselves after working with Monbleau. 


A nursing student turned psychology major, Monbleau shares that she decided to change majors because she became so passionate about tutoring. And it won’t stop for her once she graduates from Endicott. She plans to get a master’s degree in higher education and, she says, “Maybe one day I will end up running my own tutoring center.”


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