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Peer Tutor Tell All

Peer Tutors Connor Frazier '18 and Megan Dalke'18 sit in the Tutoring Center.
Peer Tutors Connor Frazier ’18 and Megan Dalke ’18 share their perspective on being a resource for their peers.

Certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), the Tutoring and Writing Centers of The Division of Academic Resources and Student Success provides students the support they need to be successful Gulls. The center is made up of both professional and peer tutors who share one common goal: delivering support. This includes anything from helping a student prepare for an exam to simply bouncing ideas around before the student starts a final paper. Peer Tutors, specifically, offer something unique—guidance from individuals who know the exact challenges students face because they’ve been there. See what they say about life as an Endicott College Peer Tutor. 


Connor Frazier ‘18

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Finance 

Role: Advanced Tutor, Tutoring Center   


Despite juggling a student athlete’s schedule, hockey player, Connor Frazier, finds time to add tutoring to his daily to-do list —and he’s happy to do it. 


I like to be involved in campus not only as a student but as an athlete, a tutor, and as a complete person,” he explains. 

Frazier splits his time between tutoring and running the front desk of The Tutoring and Writing Center and says, “There is no better feeling than having a peer come back to you to tell you they did better than they expected on a test after coming to you for help.” What he aims for in each session is that lightbulb moment, when the concept or problem finally clicks for the student he’s working with.  


He says the personalized instruction and one-on-one time that you experience in the center is unmatched, “The Writing Center and Tutoring Center offer students a place to come to get their specific needs met.”


Megan Dalke ’18 

Major: Art Therapy

Role: Advanced Tutor, Writing Center 


A passion for writing is what fueled Megan Dalke to join the Writing Center. Whether she’s helping students with citations or kicking off a brainstorm session for an upcoming paper, Dalke is always excited to jump in and—bottom line—help people write.


She explains, “I like to think that I have impacted students on an emotional level as well as educational. I have some students who are very confused or lost on the assignment and I talk them through the process. While doing this, their whole demeanor and attitude towards the project improves and they become excited to write.”


She says the Writing Center allows, “a safe space for students to access resources that they may not have otherwise.” But, the best part about her job is the people. She explains, “I have made so many friends and they have become family over the last three years.” 


Whether you’re interested in becoming a Peer Tutor or simply want to learn more about the Academic Resource Center and their tutoring opportunities follow them on Facebook and Twitter, or email them at