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Student Employment Program

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study is a need-based financial aid program that is awarded by the Financial Aid Office. The majority of the positions at Endicott require that you have been awarded Federal Work-Study as part of your financial aid package. While we try to ensure that students who were awarded Federal Work-Study are able to obtain a position on campus, it is not guaranteed. All student employees are paid bi-weekly for the hours they work, and the wages are not applied to their tuition bills.  Please visit MyEndicott for more information, including how to access a list of available jobs.

Campus Employment

A limited number of campus employment opportunities are available for students who do not qualify for Federal Work-Study. Please visit MyEndicott or contact the Financial Aid Office at or 978-232-2070 for more information.

Required Forms

A W-4 Form, an I-9 Form, an M-4 Form, and an Endicott Direct Deposit Form need to be completed before a student is allowed to begin working on campus. Please visit  MyEndicott for access to these forms as well as access to a list of acceptable forms of identification needed to accompany the I-9. If you have any questions, contact the Financial Aid Office at or 978-232-2070.

Student Employment Policies and Procedures

All students who work on campus must read the Student Employment Handbook for information regarding documentation, taxes, and payment. Download the handbook (PDF).