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  • How do I apply for Financial Aid?

    (PLEASE NOTE:  If you are an undergraduate or graduate student at the Van Loan School, please visit the Van Loan web page.)

    The following form is required if you wish to be considered for all federal, state and institutional need-based financial aid:

    • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form is used as a guide to build a student's need based financial aid package including student grants, work study, and Stafford Loan amounts.  Endicott College's FAFSA code is 002148.

    The College has a priority deadline of March 15, although we continue to make financial aid awards on a funds-available basis for students whose forms are received after March 15. The exception is that early decision applicants have a priority deadline of November 15.

  • What should I do if my family's financial circumstances change or if I have special circumstances that are not reflected on the FAFSA?

    If your family experiences a change in financial circumstances, you should complete a Special Circumstance Form (PDF) and write a Special Circumstance Letter explaining the details. Special circumstances include, but are not limited to, a loss of job or reduction in income, unusual medical or dental expenses, or one-time sources of income that were included on the FAFSA but will not be repeated. Students will be asked to submit a detailed letter describing the circumstance. Students will be asked to submit additional documentation including verification forms such as IRS Tax Transcripts of the most recent federal tax returns, W-2 forms, pay stubs, proof of other sources of income and other documentation as requested by the Financial Aid Office.

  • How do I appeal a financial aid decision?

    To appeal a need-based Endicott grant, you must submit a letter of appeal to the Financial Aid Office requesting reconsideration of your current aid decision. Provide specific information about any change in your family's financial situation or extenuating circumstances. If you are appealing based upon financial aid offers from other institutions, you must include copies of those colleges' financial aid award letters. The Endicott Appeals Committee will review your request and will send you a written response.

    Merit-based Presidential Academic, Presidential Art, and Health Science Scholarships are determined by the Admission Office and are based upon a student's SAT/ACT scores, rank in class, GPA, and other outstanding qualities. To appeal a merit-based scholarship decision, contact the Admission Office directly.

  • What if I drop below the required GPA for my merit scholarship?
    Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to continue to be eligible for Presidential Academic, Presidential Art, and Health Science Scholarships. Eligibility is reviewed on a yearly basis. Students with a cumulative GPA between 2.9 and 2.99 are granted one year of probation in order to bring their cumulative GPA up to the required 3.0. Students with a cumulative GPA below 2.9 will not receive the merit-based scholarships for future semesters until they achieve the minimum cumulative GPA required. If they achieve the GPA required, they must notify the Financial Aid Office.
  • What happens to my financial aid award if I drop below full-time enrollment or withdraw from the College?

    Only full-time, undergraduate students are eligible for Endicott grants or scholarships. Changes to a student's financial aid eligibility depend on when the student changes his or her enrollment status. Students who drop below full-time status (12 credits or more per semester at the undergraduate level and 9 credits or more at the graduate level) or withdraw during the semester may be subject to Endicott's refund policy based upon their official date of withdrawal. In the case of a withdrawal, any financial aid for future semesters will be cancelled, and in the case of loan borrowers, the lender will be notified.

  • Is there financial aid for graduate students and whom do I contact?

    Students enrolled in Endicott's graduate programs may be eligible for student loans through federal and private loan programs. For additional information, please contact Van Loan School Financial Aid Office at 978-978-7715 or

  • How do private scholarships affect my financial aid?

    Endicott strongly believes that you have earned those scholarships and as a result, will not adjust any Endicott grants or scholarships that you were offered. In some cases, these additional scholarship funds may impact your eligibility for federal or state financial aid if they cause you to be awarded beyond your financial need. When that happens, we will revise your eligibility for federal student loans first.

  • How do I apply for the scholarships that I see listed on the Financial Aid web pages?
    The Admission Office determines eligibility for the Presidential Academic, Art, and Health Science Scholarships at the time of admission. All other scholarships listed on the Endicott College scholarship web page are for returning students only. The majority of recipients are selected by our Scholarship Committee and no application is required; scholarships that require applications are posted every year in May with a deadline of June 1. All returning students are notified via email of these scholarships.
  • What are the indirect costs associated with the financial aid cost of attendance budget?
    The indirect costs in the financial aid budget for the 2022–23 school year are $1,304 for books and supplies, $1,000 for transportation, and $1,000 for personnel and miscellaneous expenses.
  • Do you have a payment plan available at Endicott?
    Yes, Endicott offers a monthly, interest-free payment plan. Undergraduate students and families may use this plan to pay all or a portion of the annual balance due to the College. For more information, click here.
  • Do I need to be admitted to Endicott before I can apply for financial aid?

    No, you do not need to be admitted to the College before applying for financial aid, but we cannot offer you a financial aid package until you are offered admission. The Financial Aid Office encourages Endicott applicants to apply for financial aid as early as possible to ensure that all financial aid deadlines have been met.

  • Can I still receive financial aid after the priority deadline of March 15?
    Yes, students will still be considered for financial aid if they apply after the priority deadline, but it will be on a funds-available basis. Many types of financial aid have limited availability, and funds may become exhausted.
  • How do I access my official IRS Tax Transcript?

    To access your official IRS Transcript, please visit Get IRS Transcript.

  • What is the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, and how do I use it?

    The IRS Data Retrieval Tool is a tool you can use in lieu of requesting your official IRS Tax Transcript via the IRS. It is a way to securely and accurately transfer your IRS tax information to the FAFSA. For instructions on how to use the Data Retrieval Tool, please visit Data Retrieval Tool Instructions.

  • I am considering studying abroad for one of my semesters. Will I still be eligible for financial aid to assist with these costs?

    Yes. Students participating in an Endicott-sponsored semester study abroad program are eligible to utilize appropriate federal, state, and institutional funding.