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Certificate in Organizational Behavior Management

  • Program Overview

    Certificate in Organizational Behavior Management (15-credits)

    Skills in management, training, and supervision are essential for behavior analysts as they move into professional roles. This concentration is especially valuable to practitioners who have worked in the field for a few years, and are now in a position of supervisory and evaluative responsibility. The field of ABA has an enormous volume of evidence-based strategies for the managerial elements of work. This concentration trains the practitioner to implement systems wide behavior analytic models for staff training, for performance management, for supervision, and for systems creation.

    Curriculum Link

    Endicott student Courtney Gallo's ABA internship
  • Curriculum

    Curriculum Requirements - Total Credits Required: 15

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this program, students will: 

    • Critique alternative approaches to understanding behavior within organizations
    • Formulate organizational systems based on a behavioral framework
    • Demonstrate understanding of how behavior analytic principles relate to organizations, including performance management, effective supervision practices and the creation of systems to support the achievement of organizational goals
    • Construct systems based on ABA principles and available evidence.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the individual, organizational, environmental, and other variables that contribute to behavior within organizations. 
    • Differentiate levels of evidence for approaches within and outside of ABA. 
    • Weigh courses of action given organizational scenarios
    • ​Create systems for the provision of performance-based feedback in supervision and training contexts

    Required Curriculum

    • ABA 505 - Organizational Behavior Management (OBM): Translating Behavior Analysis to the Organization (Cr: 3)
    • ABA 506 - Performance Management (Cr: 3)
    • ABA 507 - Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) in Clinical Practice (Cr: 3)
    • ABA 508 - OBM in Business (Cr: 3)
    • ABA 509 - Applied OBM (Cr: 3)

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