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To be a leader in scholarship, research, and dissemination in the field of applied behavior analysis, impacting the global community with the transformative application of innovative behavioral practices.


The Endicott Institute for Applied Behavioral Science provides students with rigorous, science-based education in applied behavior analysis. We are committed to preparing our students to apply principles of behavior analysis to improve socially important behaviors in individuals, families, organizations, and global communities.

We are committed to:

  • Creating compassionate and humble scientist practitioners
  • Advocating for social justice, equity, and belonging for all
  • Continuously conduct, evaluate, and disseminate research to better the lives of those we serve
  • Applying the science in respectful and collaborative ways

Our dedication to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

The Institute for Applied Behavioral Science at Endicott College seeks to support students from all backgrounds and perspectives, and demonstrate respect for cultures, identities, and diverse learning styles. Diversity in our student body is a strength. It is our mission to treat all with respect and embrace diversity within, but not limited to, gender identity, sexuality, disability, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, nationality, and religion. Our goal is to create a culture of acceptance and comfort in expressing oneself within and outside the classroom.