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  • Program Overview

    Endicott’s events management program is an interdisciplinary program combining business management coursework with core courses in the field of Event Management. This program explores the dynamic nature of the events industry, whether you want to be a planner or supplier, preparing you to be a leader in the industry.  

    As an aspiring event professional, you will learn to create, design, market, execute, and evaluate events of all sizes and types. You will develop the knowledge and skills to ensure their success. Qualified event planners are in demand by a broad scope of organizations and corporations that require management specialization to oversee every facet of events in a proactive and skilled manner.

    student outside athletic stadium at internship site
  • Curriculum

    Curriculum Requirements - Total Credits Required: 125-126


    First Year (Freshman) 32-33 cr   


    • BUS120 Business Fundamentals I                                           
    • BUS121 Business Fundamentals II                              
    • World Cultures                                              
    • ACC175 Financial Accounting                          
    • Event Management Elective                                                  
    • Event Management Elective                          
    • ENG111 Critical Reading & Writing I                                       
    • ENG112 Critical Reading & Writing II                          
    • BUS 110 Business Computers I                                    
    • HTM255 Fundamentals of Events                                
    • INT010 Pre-Internship Sessions                                                                                             
    • WI/SU INT100 Internship I                                                                                        

    Second Year (Sophomore) 32 cr   

    • ACC185 Managerial Accounting                                             
    • BUS270 Communicating in Business                           
    • BUS200 Marketing                                                      
    • Literary Perspectives                         
    • BUS210  Finance                                              
    • HTMXXX Events Design Theory                        
    • MTH126 Statistics (Quantitative Reasoning)                                                   
    • Gen Ed Elective                                  
    • ECN201 Macroeconomics (Global Issues)                                           
    • ECN202 Microeconomics                                
    • INT020 Pre-Internship Sessions                                                                                             
    • WI/SU INT200 Internship II                                                                                       

    Third Year (Junior) 31 cr           

    • Aesthetic Awareness                                     
    • BUS370 Bus Analysis & Research                                
    • BUS320 Organizational Behavior                                            
    • BUS379 Semester Internship Strategies                                 
    • Individual & Society                                       
    • HTM380/HTM382 Management of Corporate Events/Management of Special Events
    • Values & Ethical Reasoning                                       
    • ECN302 Intermediate Microeconomics                                  
    • HTM372 Events Risk Management                                                      
    • Hospitality Elective                            
    • Science & Technology                        

     Fourth Year (Senior) 30 cr       

    • BUS489  Senior Thesis I                                    
    • BUS490  Senior Thesis II                                   
    • BUS480  Semester Internship                                      
    • HTM380/HTM382 Management of Corporate Events/Management of Special Events
    • Hospitality Elective                            
    • Gen Ed Elective > 100                                                                                    
    • Gen Ed Elective > 100                                                                             



Endicott’s Hospitality Management program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA).