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Curtis L. Gerrish School of Business

Located in a wing of the College's newest academic facility, the Curtis L. Gerrish School of Business exemplifies Endicott’s model of collaborative learning, as it mirrors the interactive, innovative practices characteristic of today’s corporate settings. The school houses high-tech resources, state-of-the-art team building labs, interactive multimedia classrooms, and dedicated internship and career development support services.

The Colin & Erika Angle Center for Entrepreneurship

The Colin & Erika Angle Center for Entrepreneurship provides a unique student experience – one that distinguishes Endicott in the world of entrepreneurial education. Symbolically located between the Gerrish School of Business and the Judge Science Center, the Angle Center spans both disciplines as it establishes bridges between academia and the business world. By partnering with business and science leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts, the center promotes a wide variety of opportunities. It also provides mentoring and advice to student and alumni ventures.

The Devereaux Financial Data Center

The pulse of business is real-time data, and business decision making moves at the speed of the internet. This specially outfitted classroom affords students the opportunity to work with market data and observe financial issues as they would in the industry. Today, familiarity with the technology of Bloomberg market data feeds is a requirement for employment opportunities, and the Devereaux Data Center gives students this critical access. The room is equipped with two large projection areas, so that multiple data sources can be viewed and compared.

La Chanterelle

La Chanterelle is a unique dining environment where students in business and hospitality can demonstrate what they have learned. Located in the Misselwood Estate on Endicott's campus this non-traditional classroom is open Thursdays for dinner throughout the academic year. At La Chanterelle, students take classes that introduce them to guest service, culinary arts, restaurant, service, and events management.

Team Building Rooms

Rather than the lecture-style format of traditional business classrooms, this room is designed for collaboration. Students are immersed in business simulations from their first semester, since we believe that deep learning is a collaborative endeavor, with interactive exercises reinforcing classroom concepts. An understanding of team dynamics can lead to successful leadership and responsibility. The room is equipped with eight work pods, where student teams can collaborate on a business problem. A central station allows the instructor to coordinate class exercises, to project lectures to main screens and station displays, and to select any team’s output for projection throughout the

Graduate School Classrooms

Our in-person graduate business classes on the main Beverly, Mass., campus found a new home following the completion of phase one of the brand-new, state-of-the-art Samuel C. Wax Academic Center in 2019. The new Wax Academic Center's third floor is dedicated to graduate programs with office space and modern classrooms. Some courses may still happen in the Gerrish School of Business depending on space.