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Kyle Wollman '19, a business management major and pitcher on the Endicott baseball team, spent his semester-long internship with PUMA North America—a global designer and manufacturer of athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories based out of Westford, Mass. Kyle gives us an inside look into his role at PUMA, part of Endicott's experiential learning model that requires students to complete three internships before graduation.

Text Transcript

0:05 How's it going guys? My name is Kyle Wollman.
0:07 I'm a senior. Class of 2019.
0:09 I'm a business manager major. I also play baseball here.
0:12 Here's an inside look at my senior internship
0:14 at PUMA North America.
0:16 Here at PUMA, I'm a wholesale management planner.
0:19 Basically, what I do day to day is work that has to do with sales.
0:23 I talk to a lot of big distributors like Dick's Sporting Goods, Macy's, and Nordstrom.
0:28 We go over what they need and what we can provide for them.
0:31 What I've learned is a lot about how I want to conduct myself in the work world.
0:35 A lot of college students, they go into the work world and they've never had
0:38 a four-month job, but we you go in there and we've done four months of this
0:42 and we've done two small internships freshman and sophomore year.
0:45 We are just developing those skills and really crafting them now so
0:47 that first day when I'm in the real world it's just kind of like another day in the park.
0:51 While other people might be nervous, I've done it so many times
0:54 it's just kind of routine to me at this point.
0:56 Well that's it, guys. I hope you enjoyed today
0:58 looking at what I do it here at PUMA North America.