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Department of Architectural + Design Studies Program Laptop Requirement

The Department of Architectural + Design Studies program REQUIRES all incoming students to have a Windows-platform laptop.   MacBook Pro laptops ARE NOT RECOMMENDED as they have compatibility issues with curriculum software. Laptops with touch screens are also not recommended.

General Requirements 

Industry-Standard Applications

The Department of Architectural + Design Studies programs rely on industry-standard, state-of-the-art drawing, 3D modeling, and rendering applications. Computers used for drawing, 3D modeling and rendering need to be very powerful as the demands placed on them by high end graphics and rendering applications constantly increase. 

Before purchasing a system, students should review the latest department laptop specifications (listed below). It is recommended that any laptop meet the higher end of the recommended specifications, so that software will run more smoothly. Students may purchase a compliant laptop though the vendor of their choice, or though Endicott's vendor partner, Micros Northeast.

College Laptop Purchase Packages for 2024 are now online!

All students in the undergraduate and graduate Interior Architecture programs and BFA in Architectural Studies program should be using a Windows laptop that meets the following recommended specifications:

2024-25 Recommended Specifications for PC Laptop

*The graphics card should be able to run the software listed below.

Additional Applications*

*Please Note: All Endicott undergraduate students will be able to download Microsoft Office for free this fall.

Additional hardware 

  • Wireless mouse
  • Mouse pad
  • Padded sleeve or backpack (carrying case comes with campus purchase program)
  • iPad (10.2” minimum) with Apple pencil (not required, but RECOMMENDED)
  • File backup system (not required, but RECOMMENDED):
    • External solid state (SSD) hard drive with a minimum storage capacity of 2TB
    • Dropbox or similar online backup system (typically $100/year)