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Arts and Sciences division majors are designed to offer both breadth and depth, combining the advantages of a liberal arts education with practical experience in the world of work. Through the Arts and Sciences students learn to think independently, develop problem-solving skills and communicate effectively.

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Programs of Study

The School of Arts & Sciences offers degrees in the Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences.  Follow the links below for a description of each of our degree programs and their requirements. 

Applied Mathematics

Endicott mathematics students

Students interested in mathematics can select from our degree programs in Applied Mathematics, Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Actuarial Science, and Mathematics with Secondary Education leading to Massachusetts state teachure licensure.

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Bioengineering student in the lab

The bioengineering program is an interdisciplinary curriculum encompassing biotechnology, chemistry, physics mathematics, and computer science. Flexibility in the program allows students to select a concentration in Cell and Tissue Engineering/Molecular Biology, or minor in Business or Computer Science.

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Biology and Biotechnology

Biotechnology student in the lab

We live in the post-genome era, as the human genome has been sequenced, unlocking our genetic information. As a result of such incredible advances, biotechnology is considered the third technological revolution and is expected to change the world as much as the industrial and the computer/IT revolutions before it. Endicott's Biology and Biotechnology program also offers a concentration in Secondary Education leading to Massachusetts state teacher licensure.

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Computer Science

Endicott students and faculty member talk

The Computer Science program prepares students to play active roles in the rapidly evolving world of computer- and information driven technology. Students analyze the contemporary design and implementation of technology through their course and lab work, and they directly engage with the latest high-technological trends through several exciting internships.

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Criminal Justice

Endicott student and faculty in crime lab

The Criminal Justice program prepares graduates with a comprehensive understanding of crime and justice issues. The program institutes critical thinking, research, and communication skills to allow students to move on to graduate level education or enter the professional workforce in criminal justice or related areas such as psychology, sociology, public policy, and law.

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Endicott students and career center staff reviewing a book article

English majors at Endicott gain a solid understanding of literary history, terms, and genres through introductory and survey courses, while they explore their interests through an assortment of innovative literature and writing courses. Concentrations in Creative Writing, Literature and Language, and Secondary Education leading to Massachusetts state teacher licensure are available to interested students.

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Environmental Science

Endicott students and faculty in the field

Environmental Science majors focus on a study of the natural world. This involves taking courses in science, geography, history, sociology, politics, and philosophy - in order to understand the many ways in which factors like human activity, industrial growth, government policies, and social trends affect the environment. A concentration in Secondary Education leading to Massachusetts state teacher licensure is available to interested students.

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History - Endicott students and faculty talk

Through courses that range in scope from the local to the national to the international, from New England to the American West to modern China, our History majors learn different approaches to historical research and are introduced to recent trends within the discipline. A concentration in Secondary Education leading to Massachusetts state teacher licensure is available to interested students.

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Integrated Studies

Student working on laptop in the Halle Library

In exceptional circumstances, students enrolled in a Bachelor degree program may petition to receive an Associate in Science degree in Integrated Studies.

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International Studies

Three Endicott international students talking

The International Studies major is a multi-disciplinary program that prepares students to be leaders in an increasingly interdependent global community. Students take courses in politics, literature, art, business, communication, and other comparative disciplines to examine the ways in which cultural forces take shape and interact.

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Liberal Studies

Three students talking

Comprised of guided and free electives, the Liberal Studies program offers students the greatest breadth of academic selections. Liberal Studies majors have the freedom to select courses that interest them from across our majors and disciplines.

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Political Science

Endicott student working on computer at Internship

At the core of Endicott's Political Science program is the recognition that an increasingly interconnected world demands complex understanding, intercultural communication, and diplomacy as individuals, communities, and nations work together for common goals.

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Endicott student

Psychology majors at Endicott take courses in a wide range of topics--from child development to the aging process, from psychological disorders to counseling techniques--in order to explore the effects of biology and environment on human behavior.

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