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Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Professional Program

  • Program Overview

    This program at Endicott College prepares students for future studies at competitive graduate, medical, dental, veterinary, and allied health schools.

    Admission Requirements

    Many healthcare career choices, such as physician, dentist, pharmacist, physical therapist, veterinarian, and chiropractor, require completion of a graduate degree after the baccalaureate. Admission to these graduate programs typically requires the successful completion of additional courses in science, mathematics, social sciences, and the humanities.

    The pre-medical/pre-health professional program is designed to allow students in any major to complete these course requirements, and to fulfill the prerequisites for admission to various health profession graduate programs. 

    The pre-medical/pre-health professional program is not a degree or a stand-alone program. Students MUST be in a major degree program at Endicott to participate in the pre-medical/pre-health professional program.

    Based upon the admission requirements of several professional schools, the pre-medical/pre-health professional program has the following minimum GPA requirements:

    • Overall grade-point average (GPA) 3.00
    • Science GPA 3.00

    Students must meet the GPA and course requirements upon graduation to have the pre-medical/pre-health professional program designation appear on their transcripts with their degree.

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    Whether you pursue graduate school or embark on your career right away after graduation, we believe that your time at Endicott will prepare you for the next step.

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Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Professional Honors

Students in the Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Professional Program may also receive the designation of Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Professional Honors if the following additional requirements are met:

  • Overall Grade Point Average (GPA) 3.67
  • Science GPA 3.67
  • Competitive scores on standardized examinations
  • Recommendation of the Health Professions Advising Committee

The awarding of Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Professional Honors will be based upon a review of a portfolio outlining academic (including Senior Thesis), extracurricular, and clinical experience and interviews during the junior and/or senior year.