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Beyond the Classroom in the School of Science & Technology

You will be able to apply and expand upon your coursework through many opportunities available on campus. Lectures, concerts, trips, films, and club activities enhance the academic journey. Some of the on-campus opportunities that appeal to Science and Technology students include: 

Computer Science Club
Established by students and faculty, this club meets regularly with others who are interested in extending and applying their learning outside of the classroom (hackathons, programming challenges, collaborative projects, etc.) and providing outreach to the local community.

Endicott Biotech Society
The Biotech Society was created as a way for students to get together and discuss current science topics, to share ideas on the impact of biotechnology in society, to attend lectures and workshops, to promote health and wellness through community service and outreach, and to learn about exciting career and internship opportunities.

Endicott Environmental Society (EES)
Students and faculty devoted to responsible environmental practices meet regularly to organize efforts on campus and in the local communities. EES has been instrumental in spearheading campus recycling efforts. Join concerned students from all majors for field trips, fundraising efforts, informational sessions, research projects, and fun activities. 

Mathematics Club
This club was forged by students and faculty members. Meet regularly with others who are interested in mathematics, logic, and computer applications for fun activities, special speakers, workshops, conferences, career planning, and idea swapping.

Phi Sigma
Members of this honor society for the biological sciences receive academic recognition, plan events, and meet to discuss graduate school and career options. 

Sigma Xi
The Sigma Xi honor society encourages discovery research by undergraduate students, and spans many disciplines - from biology to psychology to computer science - and more.

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