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Where Innovation Lives

We know more than anyone that the classroom isn’t the only place where learning happens. We understand that when theory meets practice amazing things materialize. It’s this learn-by-doing model that defines the Endicott College Makerspace.

That’s why we offer resources that encourage collaboration, foster ideas, and push students to think differently. In the makerspace, you’ll experience the culture of a start-up—from the buzzing energy to the creativity and tinkering that happens behind the glass. It’s a space where you’ll grow as a thinker, have access to cutting-edge resources, and become inspired by other’s thoughts and ideas.

The makerspace gives you access to technology like 3D printing and scanning to develop product ideas and innovations. It’s an incubator for ideas of all kinds and a place where you can collaborate, create prototypes, and bring your ideas into focus—by bringing them to life.

An Incubator for All

If you can think it, you can make it. The makerspace is a resource to anyone in the Endicott community who has an idea, because amazing things are created when different perspectives intersect. 

Students—from varying majors and backgrounds—bring products to life by bringing an initial thought to the space, wallpapering the room’s whiteboard walls with their ideas, and making tweaks to their overall designs by considering other’s perspectives. The makerspace provides the support system—and the brain power—you’ll need to get from the inception of your idea to the production of your product.

Want to learn the skills you’ll need to bring your design to life? Endicott offers a course, taught in the makerspace, each semester where students can add programming, circuit design, microcontrollers, 3D printing, and design thinking to their tool kit. Equipped with these shop skills, students from any major can carve their path—from design to prototype—confidently.

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What are you waiting for?
Maybe you have a design plan sketched out, an idea for something you just can’t shake, or you’re simply in search of a vibrant network of thinkers. No matter your motive, the makerspace is your resource to utilize.