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‘I Was Taught to Make as Many Connections as You Can’

Ramsey Martinez ’26
Computer science major Ramsey Martinez ’26 is known as Rambo around campus, and it’s his outgoing personality that’s already the key to his success.
By: Megan Tkacy

Throughout the year, we’ve been sharing stories as part of this year’s academic theme “Share Your Story.” This is another story in that ongoing series.

Ramsey Martinez ’26 has never seen the classic Sylvester Stallone Rambo films, but that doesn’t stop him from responding to the title character’s surname. During his first week of high school, the nickname “Rambo” was bestowed upon him by his then-football coach.

The name spread like wildfire, and he’s been happily using it ever since.

“Even people who didn’t know me were calling me Rambo!” he said.

Martinez has since transitioned from the close-knit Dexter Southfield School in Brookline, Mass., to Endicott’s supportive environment.

“My college counselor at Dexter Southfield is the one who introduced me to Endicott,” he said. “I did a little bit of research, and then I came to the campus and fell in love. I just felt like I could see myself being here.”

During his visit, a meeting with the recently retired Chair of Endicott’s School of Science & Technology, Jack Duggan, further solidified his decision: “[Duggan] said Endicott was more of a liberal arts school, so I would get to gauge any interest that I had and become more of a well-rounded person in the workforce, which I loved.”

A recipient of Endicott’s Inspire Scholarship for first-generation college students, Martinez appreciates the opportunity to expand his education and begin an exciting new scene in his very own cinematic story.

“I’m very grateful and if I could talk to the donors, I’d say thank you,’” he said. “I won’t let this go to waste. I’ll make sure this money makes a difference.”

Now at the end of his sophomore year at Endicott, the computer science major has already made a difference by cementing himself as a big part of the campus culture. He’s been active in both volleyball and rugby and prides himself on being both a stellar student and an outgoing presence, working as an official Endicott College Tour Guide since September 2022—his first month on campus.

“My extroversion, my ability to talk to people, I got that from my mom. My mom helps everyone and knows everyone,” he said. “I was taught to make as many connections as you can, because you never know if you can help them out, or if they can help you out, in the future.”

The youngest of four children, Martinez was encouraged to pursue college by his mother who emigrated from the Dominican Republic at 16 to seek more opportunities for herself.

“She’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met,” gushed Martinez. “She’s worked so hard for me, and I want to work hard at school so I can pay her back later on.”

That career path would ideally combine two of Martinez’s passions: computers and sports. He once dreamed about playing in the NFL, but he’s now focused on the growing world of esports. He can see himself managing a team of competitive gamers who travel to conventions to partake in tournaments.  

He’d also love to create a role-playing video game like Dungeons and Dragons; it’s a market that has also skyrocketed in recent years. “I’ve grown up on video games and I want to be able to meet new people and build connections, so if I could find a way to do that and work with computers, it would be fantastic,” he said.

Luckily, making friends has always come easy to Martinez. From day one at Endicott, he’s been proactively approaching strangers and introducing himself, seizing every opportunity to forge a connection—both as a student and as a tour guide.

“I especially like when I can connect with a family and answer their questions,” he said.

Recently, Martinez had a full-circle moment when he led a tour with a family who was also Dominican, “and the kid was first generation just like me,” he said. “I connected with them so well, and I was able to talk about my own experience here at Endicott. It was great.”

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