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Nesting with Haley Dumaresq

Haley Dumaresq
Residence Director Haley Dumaresq talks helping Endicott students thrive and takes us on a tour of her Williston Hall office.
By: Sarah Sweeney

Nesting is a showcase of stylish campus spaces and the people behind them.

As a self-professed “artsy kid,” growing up Haley Dumaresq always wanted to pursue “creative, helping people activities,” she said.

These days, Dumaresq is helping students find their footing on campus as a Residence Director—a job she learned about while pursuing a bachelor’s degree at the University of New Hampshire (UNH).

As a student worker for the university’s housing department, Dumaresq one day chatted up a UNH Residence Director about how she entered the field.

“She told me, ‘Well, I went to grad school for student affairs in higher education,’” recalled Dumaresq. “I literally started googling student affairs in higher education master’s programs that day.”

After graduating from UNH, Dumaresq headed to Miami University in Ohio, where she got her master’s degree … and a taste of homesickness.

A New England girl since birth, Dumaresq always knew she wanted to return to the region, but “just not super close to home.” 

Living at Endicott is perfect, she added, because “it’s just 59 minutes from here to my hometown.”

We recently chatted with Dumaresq about her office, helping students thrive, and more.

What do you do at Endicott?

I’m the Residence Director (RD) for Williston, Woodside, Manchester, Gloucester, and Tower Halls.

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What building do you currently reside in?

Williston Hall.

Why are you an RD?

I strive to create a fun, challenging, diverse, and engaging experience for students outside of the classroom. I enjoy helping students, and fostering a community where everyone feels welcomed, connected, and supported while running day-to-day building operations to make living on campus the best it can be.

What’s the best part of RD life?

I am extremely task-oriented, so being an RD is great because I have many things to do every day! From one-on-ones with my Resident Assistants and student meetings, to conduct and housing operations, I’m never bored.

I always have something new to do and new experiences to have. I’m grateful for the opportunities that I get to work with students and colleagues from other departments each day—all of it allows me to grow as a professional and dive deeper into my role at Endicott.

What should incoming students know about how RDs can help them?

We’re an incredible resource! We’re here to support all students outside of the classroom—and we understand what it’s like to feel homesick, struggle with roommate conflicts, or be unable to find your fit on campus. Because we work so closely with other campus partners, we truly take each student’s concern or need into consideration and do our best to solve their problem or connect them with someone who can.

How can you contact an RD?

Email us! We’ll get back to you ASAP. If you are in immediate need of assistance, head down to the Residence Life office between 9 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday through Friday. We have RDs staffing the office every day to help anyone in need. If there’s an emergency, call Public Safety.

Where’s your favorite spot on campus?

College Hall patio! An awesome lunch spot or place to go after hours when it is much quieter.

What’s something you can’t live without?

As silly as it sounds, I love reality TV! I love turning it on at the end of a stressful day and just laughing and unwinding. It is one of my favorite self-care practices … Below Deck on Bravo is my favorite show.

What’s something in your space that reminds you of home?

My Lake Winnipesaukee poster. My family has been on the lake since I was born. I love spending my summers on the water. My favorite memories include my family and friends relaxing, listening to music, swimming, and sitting by the fire. Having that poster there reminds me of my happy place!

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