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Five Ways to Crush Spring 2019 Semester Thanks to Academic Success

Division of Academic Success
Don’t fall behind this semester. If you need any help, Endicott College’s Division of Academic Success will steer you in the right direction.
We know it’s been a fun few weeks away from the nest—holiday parties, seeing family and friends, watching as much Netflix as possible, #10YearChallenges, and internships—but it’s time to return to Endicott College and finish the 2018-19 academic year strong.

Luckily for you, Endicott’s Division of Academic Success is here to make sure you are on your A-game (or A-plus) this spring with the top five ways to crush the Spring 2019 semester.

1. Take a trip to the Tutoring Center. They are there for YOU!
Don’t fall behind this semester. If you need help at any point, the Tutoring Center’s nationally-certified peer tutors are here to help. You will be matched with a peer tutor who has taken the same course with the same professor, and the two of you will review whatever material you need assistance with.

2. Don’t forget about the Writing Center, too.
Maybe you have way too many thoughts swirling around but can’t formulate them into the perfect thesis. Or maybe you need help with those always pesky citations. No matter what stage of the writing process you are in, the Writing Center’s professional and peer tutors—all of whom are trained and certified—are ready to assist with your paper or presentation.

3. Need some class/major advice? Check out Advising Services.
Sometimes you find out that a course isn’t for you, and that’s totally OK. The Advising Services Center will give you access to the tools and forms you need to add, drop, or withdraw from courses, as well as change majors and declare a minor.

4. Connect with your professors on day one.
Your happiness and success are paramount to us at Endicott, and it is our goal for you to have the experience of a lifetime on your way to graduating and achieving your professional dreams. Your professors are a huge part of that and the overall Endicott experience. Thanks to our 14:1 student-faculty ratio, our professors are accessible and ready to help propel your career. It’s part of what makes the Endicott community so special.

5. Have fun at one of Endicott’s special events.
Who wants free hot chocolate and churros? Everyone, duh. And to kick off the new semester, the Academic Success team has been handing them out from January 28–January 31 from 2:30 p.m.–4:30 p.m. in the Diane M. Halle Library lobby. This will be just one of many events hosted across campus this semester, so make sure you keep an eye out for the Blue Buzz email and Endicott’s social media channels for further details.

For more information on how Endicott’s Division of Academic Success can help you make Spring 2019 your best semester yet, go to