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Endicott’s 10 Years of Growth

Winter aerial shot of campus
To say we've grown in 10 years would be an understatement. See how much growth we've experienced over the course of the last decade.

We decided to jump in on the #10YearChallenge fun and show you how much we’ve grown over the last decade.

How hard did aging hit you? The glow up challenge. The 2009 vs. 2019 challenge. Call it what you will, we think the #10YearChallenge is the perfect invitation to stop and think about where we were 10 years ago. (And, do a little bit of healthy bragging). So, move over side-by-side selfies that look like you haven’t aged a day. Here’s Endicott’s 10 years of growth.

Athletics Championships
After 2007-08: 41
After Fall 2018: 92

Buildings on Main Campus
Fall 2008: 46
Fall 2018: 56

Career Outcomes
2008: 29 percent found employment through internship site or contact
2018: 43 percent found employment through internship site or contact

Endicott College Enrollment
Fall 2008: 1,997
Fall 2018: 2,857

6/30/2008: $25,203,149
6/30/2018; $88,697,281

Financial Aid Awarded
2007-08: $20.8M
2017-18: $65M

Graduation Rate (six-year baccalaureate)
Fall 2008: 67% percent
Fall 2018: 75% percent

Incubators (office & lab space for startup companies)
2008: 0
2018: 1, two-thousand square-foot space that has housed eight start-up companies since its inception
*This space will be doubling with the Ginger Judge Science Center expansion

Philanthropic Contributions
2007-08: $1.9M
2017-18: $3.3M

Van Loan School at Endicott College Enrollment (excluding professional development)
Fall 2008: 763
Fall 2018: 1,857

Residence Capacity
Fall 2008: 1,724
Fall 2018: 2,547

Residence Halls
Fall 2008: 25
Fall 2018: 33

Retention Rate (first-to-second year)
Fall 2008: 81 percent
Fall 2018: 83 percent

Scholarships & Grants Awarded
2007-08: $10.7M
2017-18: $37.3M

Total Employees
Fall 2008: 562
Fall 2018: 1,004

Read more about Endicott’s history of growth and check out some of our 2017-2018 quick facts to get a feel for where we’re headed in the next decade.